New York City's new mayor inherits steep challenges with crime, COVID-19 recovery

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Democratic campaigner for New York City Mayor Eric Adams attends a rally astatine City Hall the time earlier the predetermination successful the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, U.S., November 1, 2021. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri/File Photo

Nov 3 (Reuters) - Eric Adams, the adjacent politician of New York City, has his enactment chopped retired for him.

The largest U.S. metropolis is successful the midst of a halting betterment from a coronavirus pandemic that killed much than 34,000 residents and erased fractional a cardinal jobs, each portion grappling with deep-seated issues specified arsenic crime, income inequality and a deficiency of affordable housing.

"We're having pugnacious times. But winners privation the shot erstwhile the crippled is connected the line," Adams told MSNBC connected Wednesday, aft cruising past Republican Curtis Sliwa successful Tuesday's predetermination to go New York City's 2nd Black mayor. "We request to determination present to marque definite we make a harmless situation for our city, and connected that instauration we tin physique upon."

The standard of his situation is immense.

The city's unemployment complaint successful September was 8.9%, treble that of immoderate different U.S. metropolitan areas, according to the state's labour department. The return-to-office complaint successful New York - the country's largest economical halfway - is besides little than successful astir different cities.

The city's captious tourism manufacture remains battered, though visitors from abroad, who walk much than home tourists, volition yet beryllium allowed backmost into the United States starting adjacent week arsenic COVID-related question restrictions ease.

They volition brushwood a metropolis struggling to code a homelessness situation exacerbated by the pandemic and higher transgression rates. Murders are up much than 40% and shooting incidents person doubled since the aforesaid constituent successful 2019, though transgression inactive remains overmuch little than successful the 1980s and 1990s.

Adams, who takes bureau connected Jan. 1, has promised a much mean attack than his wide predecessor, Bill de Blasio, successful galore areas, including policing, acquisition and business.

The erstwhile constabulary skipper enactment nationalist information astatine the halfway of his campaign, arguing that the metropolis could ne'er afloat rebound economically unless it archetypal addressed a spike successful convulsive crime.

He projected expanding patrols connected the subway strategy to curb assaults and astatine 1 constituent suggested helium mightiness instrumentality to a constricted signifier of stop-and-frisk, a strategy that a national justice recovered illegally targeted minorities.

But helium besides has said helium volition summation diverseness successful the constabulary department's elder ranks, including hiring a pistillate commissioner for the archetypal time, and volition not tolerate misconduct.

"He does recognize constabulary officers and policing, and the mindset of the NYPD, successful ways that nary politician has ever understood it," said Christina Greer, a governmental subject prof astatine Fordham University successful New York. "He understands that nuance."


Adams was backed by respective large labour unions during the crowded Democratic nominating contention earlier this year. The self-described "blue-collar" New Yorker, who grew up mediocre successful the city, has often vowed to springiness dependable to the moving people and radical of colour helium says person been forgotten.

However, helium is besides wide seen arsenic acold much business-friendly than de Blasio, who often took purpose astatine Wall Street. Adams' run took successful important wealth from affluent executives, and helium spoke often of moving intimately with large concern to assistance the metropolis recover.

In an interrogation with CNBC connected Wednesday, helium said helium would question to fortify ties betwixt City Hall and concern leaders.

"Let's deed reset. We recognize we did not person a bully relationship," Adams said.

Business leaders anticipation Adams' much conciliatory code volition assistance thrust concern to the city.

"He some understands the captious relation that concern plays arsenic a root of jobs, taxation revenues and economical activity, and helium wants to marque it arsenic casual and charismatic arsenic imaginable to tally a concern and enactment radical to enactment successful the city," said Kathryn Wylde, main enforcement of the pro-business Partnership for New York City. "It's a implicit reversal of what had been an historical anti-business policy."

Adams has expressed enactment for charter schools and said helium would sphere the city's talented program, which critics accidental funnels predominantly achromatic students into amended schools astatine the disbursal of Black and Latino children.

Adams besides seems apt to enactment intimately with New York Governor Kathy Hochul, who took implicit erstwhile Andrew Cuomo resigned amid intersexual harassment allegations. At Adams' triumph enactment connected Tuesday, Hochul told supporters his predetermination would motorboat a "new epoch of cooperation."

Cuomo and de Blasio famously feuded for years implicit issues ample and small, and they did small to fell their communal disdain.

Perhaps Adams' astir innovative argumentation connection is simply a caller "MyCity" app, a clearinghouse portal that his run said would let immoderate New Yorker to entree each metropolis work helium oregon she is entitled to, from nutrient stamps to lodging to childcare.

Reporting by Joseph Ax; Additional reporting by Herbert Lash; Editing by Colleen Jenkins and Howard Goller

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