New York Times Adds 455,000 Subscribers in Third Quarter

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Media|New York Times Adds 455,000 Subscribers successful Third Quarter

After moving down a paywall, Wirecutter added to the company’s gross stream.

The Times deed  a milestone, passing 1  cardinal  subscribers extracurricular  the United States.
Credit...Sasha Maslov for The New York Times

Marc Tracy

Nov. 3, 2021, 7:25 a.m. ET

The New York Times Company said connected Wednesday that it added 455,000 caller integer subscribers successful the 3rd quarter, a summation that keeps the steadfast connected gait to scope its stated extremity of 10 cardinal subscriptions by 2025.

Of the caller integer subscribers, 320,000 signed up for The Times’s journalism. The remainder came for Games, Cooking and Wirecutter, the merchandise reappraisal tract that started offering subscriptions successful August.

“This was our champion third-quarter show successful some News and full nett subscription additions since the motorboat of the integer wage exemplary much than a decennary ago, and, extracurricular of 2020, our champion 4th ever for integer subscription additions,” Meredith Kopit Levien, the company’s main executive, said successful a statement.

Of The Times’s astir 8.4 cardinal full subscribers, 7.6 cardinal present person integer subscriptions. The fig of people subscribers fell to 795,000 successful the July-through-September quarter, from 831,000 successful the aforesaid three-month play past year, a diminution successful keeping with trends affecting the quality manufacture arsenic a whole.

The Times besides deed a milestone, passing 1 cardinal subscribers extracurricular the United States, the institution said.

Ms. Levien attributed the gains successful the 4th to “a engaged quality period,” arsenic good arsenic improved retention of subscribers and caller initiatives meant to crook casual readers into paying customers.

The institution reported adjusted operating nett of $65.1 million, a 15 percent summation implicit the aforesaid 4th a twelvemonth ago, connected $509.1 cardinal of revenue, a 19.3 percent rise. Operating costs roseate astir arsenic much, to $460.1 million, oregon 18.8 percent. Subscription revenues roseate 13.8 percent, to $342.6 million, from past year.

After a down play past year, erstwhile the system slowed astatine the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, galore companies were erstwhile again buying ads for some the people paper and the Times site, lifting advertisement revenues by 40 percent, to $110.9 million. Compared with the 3rd 4th of 2019, a much emblematic year, advertisement gross was down 2.3 percent, however.

The Times Company’s equilibrium expanse surpassed $1 cardinal successful currency arsenic it continued to physique its escaped currency flow, a measurement of fiscal health. The institution has been blimpish with its resources but pays a quarterly dividend to shareholders that costs $40 cardinal annually.

The Times said it expected subscription gross to summation 12 percent and integer subscription gross to spell up 25 percent successful the 4th quarter. It besides projected maturation successful advertisement gross astir 15 percent. Costs volition besides emergence by 17 to 20 percent, the institution said.

New integer offerings whitethorn bring successful much gross successful the years ahead. In summation to moving Wirecutter down a paywall during the 3rd quarter, The Times started offering subscriptions to immoderate of its 50 newsletters, which the institution had offered escaped for years.

Last month, The Times announced the improvement of an audio app that volition gully connected the 25-year archive of “This American Life,” the vigor amusement produced successful portion by Chicago Public Media. The company’s confederation with the programme went on with the company’s $25 cardinal acquisition of the audio media institution Serial Productions past year.

The Times besides announced successful September that it was investigating an ad-free iPad app inspired by the people conception The New York Times for Kids.

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