Newsmax Takes White House Reporter Off Air After Her Tweet About 'Lucifer' Vaccine

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Conservative quality cognition Newsmax has taken White House newsman Emerald Robinson disconnected the aerial portion it reviews her tweets claiming that COVID-19 vaccines springiness recipients immoderate benignant of devil’s mark.

“Dear Christians: the vaccines incorporate a bioluminescent marker called LUCIFERASE truthful that you tin beryllium tracked. Read the past publication of the New Testament to spot however this ends,” work 1 of Robinson’s now-deleted tweets.

Robinson was seemingly referring to the Book of Revelation successful the Bible, which says that those who transportation the people of the devil “shall beryllium tormented with occurrence and brimstone.” Some societal media users person linked “luciferase” enzymes to Lucifer, the devil successful Christian theology.

COVID vaccines bash not incorporate immoderate benignant of “bioluminescent marker,” they don’t marque anyone glow, nor has anyone established a nexus betwixt the enzymes that have been utilized successful investigating coronavirus vaccines and eternal damnation.

Twitter removed Robinson’s tweet arsenic a usurpation of its information rules and briefly banned her, Newsweek reported.

Newsmax said successful a connection that it is reviewing Robinson’s posts and that “Ms. Robinson volition not beryllium connected aerial but proceed with duties for the network” during that time.

On Wednesday, Newsmax’s main contented officer, Elliot Jacobson, told Mediaite that the quality cognition is simply a “strong proponent that Covid-19 vaccines are overarchingly harmless and effective, portion astatine the aforesaid clip raising concerns that mandates infringe connected idiosyncratic liberty and privacy.”

He added that Newsmax has “seen nary evidence” suggesting that “LUCIFERASE oregon LUCIFERIN are present successful immoderate vaccines oregon that they are utilized arsenic immoderate benignant of bioluminescent marker.” Those claims person “never been reported connected Newsmax,” Jacobson noted.

HuffPost could not scope Robinson for comment.

On Wednesday, Smartmatic voting systems filed a suit against Newsmax and chap fringe cognition OANN, claiming that the networks “knowingly and deliberately disseminated a continuous watercourse of falsehoods” regarding the result of the 2020 election. Robinson is named successful the suit against Newsmax.

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