NFL 'does not care about the rights of women' says attorney for Deshaun Watson's accusers after six-game suspension announced

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(CNN)The lawyer of Deshaun Watson's accusers says the NFL "does not attraction astir the rights of women" pursuing the Cleveland Browns quarterback's suspension for intersexual misconduct allegations.

Appearing connected ESPN's "First Take," lawyer Tony Buzbee attacked the investigation, saying helium hopes the NFL volition entreaty the case, but his clients are angered and disappointed by the lenient suspension handed down by a disciplinary officer.

"Don't expect the NFL to bash thing heroic here," Buzbee said.

Watson was suspended connected Monday for six games without wage for violating the NFL's idiosyncratic behaviour argumentation successful backstage meetings with massage therapists, according to a ruling by a retired national justice jointly appointed by the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

Watson has repeatedly denied the accusations.

"I've ne'er assaulted, I ne'er disrespected, and I ne'er harassed immoderate pistillate successful my life," Watson has said. "I don't person immoderate regrets."

Two expansive juries successful Texas person declined to complaint Watson with immoderate crimes.

    Watson throws a walk  during Browns grooming  camp.

    Twenty-four civilian lawsuits person been filed against Watson -- 23 person been settled confidentially.

    Both the NFL and the NFL Player's Association (NFLPA) person until Thursday to entreaty the suspension to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

    The NFL said it was reviewing Judge Sue Robinson's determination and volition marque a determination connected its adjacent steps. The Player's Association has already said it would not appeal.

    An entreaty from either enactment would beryllium heard by Goodell, with his ruling -- oregon his designee -- deemed to beryllium the last one, according to the 2020 corporate bargaining agreement.

    Watson's lawyer Rusty Hardin told CNN helium volition not remark until aft the NFL decides whether to appeal.

    Judge Robinson, who was jointly appointed by the NFL and the NFLPA, said she was suspending the 26-year-old for his "predatory conduct."

    "Although this is the astir important punishment ever imposed connected an NFL subordinate for allegations of non-violent intersexual conduct, Mr. Watson's signifier of behaviour is much egregious than immoderate earlier reviewed by the NFL," Robinson wrote successful the 16-page ruling.

    But, contempt those findings, Judge Robinson critiqued the NFL for asking for an unprecedented full-season suspension which would beryllium acold lengthier than different players accused of non-violent intersexual conduct.

    On Tuesday, Buzbee -- the lawyer for the plaintiffs successful the lawsuit against Watson -- told ESPN helium hopes the NFL moves guardant with an entreaty due to the fact that that motion would beryllium good received by the accusers.

    "I deliberation that would alteration the messaging and I deliberation it would beryllium good received by the women I represent," helium said.

    "We'll spot what the NFL does going forward."

    In her findings, Robinson wrote that her determination is constricted by the grounds that was presented to her by NFL investigators who are erstwhile prosecutors with decades of acquisition investigating intersexual battle cases. She noted that Watson had "allegedly worked with much than 60 massage therapists" during the play nether consideration, and that the NFL had "only investigated the claims of the 24 therapists suing Mr. Watson for damages."

    And of the 24, Robinson wrote that the NFL was lone capable to interrogation 12 alleged victims. They relied connected the grounds of 4 of those 12 successful the lawsuit presented to her for review.

    Buzbee attacked the mode successful which the probe was conducted.

    "None of my clients testified successful beforehand of the national judge. I deliberation that's a communal misconception that 4 radical testified. That's not the case. Not 1 of them showed up. Not 1 of them was asked to amusement up and testify," helium said. "Since those interviews, we person had nary interaction whatsoever with the NFL.

    Buzbee represents women successful  the civilian  cases against Watson, accusing him of intersexual  assault.

    "They attraction astir the bottommost line. They attraction astir making money," said Buzbee connected ESPN.

    "They're trying to negociate this arsenic a PR crisis, but arsenic acold arsenic trying to bash thing to assuage these peculiar women oregon women's rights -- oregon dealing with women's rights successful wide -- that's not portion of their ngo connection and they've made that precise wide passim this process."

    On Tuesday, the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center said it was "disappointed" by the ruling to suspend Watson for lone six games.

    "The 6-game suspension fixed dangerously mirrors the flaws successful our transgression justness systems and sends a sedate connection to our communities," the enactment said successful a connection to CNN connected Tuesday. "Far excessively often those successful positions of powerfulness and personage who perpetrate unit against others are not held accountable for their actions.

    "These ongoing headlines are triggering for truthful many. To survivors, we accidental we spot you and we judge you. Your communicative matters. Cleveland Rape Crisis Center is disposable 24/7/365 online oregon by calling/texting (216) 619-6192."

    The ruling comes aft a fig of women who worked arsenic massage therapists filed lawsuits against Watson alleging intersexual battle oregon misconduct during massage sessions. Last month, 30 women who person made oregon intended to marque claims against the Texans enactment implicit Watson's alleged misconduct settled their claims, according to a connection from Buzbee and the Texans' ownership.

    Watson, a three-time Pro Bowler, did not play past play portion a subordinate of the Houston Texans due to the fact that of a commercialized request arsenic good arsenic the investigations into these allegations.

      Days later, the Browns traded 3 first-round picks for Watson and past signed him to a five-year, afloat guaranteed $230 cardinal contract, the astir guaranteed wealth successful NFL history.

      Watson volition not beryllium paid during his suspension, but the Browns structured his caller declaration truthful his basal wage is $690,000 his archetypal twelvemonth and past $46 cardinal for each of the adjacent 4 years.

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