NFL Rookie Suffers Awkward, Off-Field Defeat Because Workers Didn't Know Him

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NFL punt returner Britain Covey is 2 games into his rookie play with the Philadelphia Eagles. However, his ties to the squad haven’t been solidified capable to get him noticed by Philly parking attendants.

Scheduled to articulation his squad during a crippled against the Minnesota Vikings connected Monday, Covey was expected to parkland his car successful a backstage players’ parking batch extracurricular Lincoln Financial Field. Teammates had told him to explicate to the parking attendants that helium was “elevated” to the Eagles progressive roster and to beryllium fto in.

But erstwhile Covey drove up to the entranceway of the batch with an Eagles signifier squad parking pass, the attendants didn’t admit him.

“When I told them I was ‘elevated,’ they said, ‘Look, you don’t person the walk for this.’ And I said, ‘No, I’m a player!’ And they said, ’We’re sorry, man,” Covey recalled.

“I don’t deliberation [they knew who I was], which is understandable. I mean, I gotta beryllium myself successful Philly earlier I merit to beryllium there,” helium added.

Covey aboriginal claimed helium had to parkland among Eagles tailgaters and was yet fto into the crippled wherever helium accumulated 3 punt returns for 14 full yards.

Hear his parking woes successful a video filmed by newsman Howard Eskin below:

The dismissal didn’t pb to immoderate atrocious luck for Philadelphia. The Eagles bushed the Vikings 24-7 connected Monday night.

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