Nick Kyrgios' U.S. Open Run Ends In Violent Outburst

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This wasn’t the smashing occurrence Nick Kyrgios had successful caput astatine the U.S. Open. (Watch the video below.)

The Australian tennis prima violently slammed 2 rackets to pieces aft his five-set quarterfinal nonaccomplishment to Karen Khachanov connected Tuesday.

Kyrgios destroying his instrumentality produced this pearl from 1 observer: “Nick makes John McEnroe look similar a choir boy.”

Nick Kyrgios smashes his racket aft  his decision   astatine  the U.S. Open.
Nick Kyrgios smashes his racket aft his decision astatine the U.S. Open.

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The No. 23 seed, inactive successful hunt of his archetypal Grand Slam title, hurled different racket to the tribunal during the match.

Kyrgios aboriginal gave props to his opponent. “I’m evidently devastated,” helium said, per the New York Post. “But each recognition to Karen. He’s a fighter. He’s a warrior.”

It was an eventful tourney for Kyrgios, who often finds himself astatine the halfway of controversy.

He swore astatine his container for not cheering capable and got fined for it. He complained of a marijuana smell during 1 match. He turned heads by hitting a shot connected his opponent’s broadside of the court and got dinged again for shouting obscenities successful his upset triumph implicit defending champ Daniil Medvedev.

His exit lucifer connected Tuesday besides featured a spot of weirdness: Two fans were ejected for a haircut stunt.

Kyrgios is scheduled to look successful tribunal successful October aft an ex-girlfriend accused him of battle and helium was charged successful July, according to Australian media.

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