Nicole Kidman Feared She Was Wrong To Play Lucille Ball, Almost Quit Movie

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Nicole Kidman is getting rave reviews for her portrayal of Lucille Ball successful upcoming movie “Being the Ricardos,” but the histrion revealed she astir discontinue implicit fears she was the incorrect idiosyncratic to play the drama icon.

“When the benignant of world of playing her deed me, I went, ‘What person I said yes to?’ Kidman said connected “Live With Kelly and Ryan” this week. “To which I past went, ‘Oh, no, I’m not right, everyone thinks I’m not right, so, I’m gonna effort and sidestep this.’”

She made akin comments astatine a screening for the Aaron Sorkin-written-and-directed movie, which explores Ball’s narration with hubby and “I Love Lucy” co-star Desi Arnaz.

At the screening, she said she went truthful acold arsenic to email Sorkin to effort to get retired of doing the movie aft all, Jezebel reported.

Ultimately, some Sorkin and shaper Todd Black pushed backmost and convinced Kidman to enactment on.

News of her casting had initially been met with immoderate skepticism, with immoderate radical complaining the 2 women don’t look alike and that Kidman is not known arsenic a comedic histrion herself. Plus, fans of “Will and Grace” prima Debra Messing had been clamoring for her to play Ball, and Messing made it wide she’d emotion the role.

But the movie itself is notably a drama, not a comedy. Kidman besides talked astatine the screening astir going done drama grooming to assistance her get successful character. She said she “started with the grape stomping” referring to the celebrated “I Love Lucy” country successful which Lucy joins a winemaker stomping grapes successful a ample vat.

Sorkin besides antecedently addressed gripes that Kidman doesn’t look overmuch similar the precocious Ball, noting that uncovering a carnal lookalike had not been a priority for him.

As it stands, Kidman whitethorn person the past laugh. Critics truthful acold person praised Kidman’s performance, with one saying she “embodies the essence of Lucille Ball.” She besides got the stamp of approval from Ball’s ain daughter, Lucie Arnaz, who said Kidman did a “spectacular job.”

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