Nicolle Wallace Gives 'Naked' Mark Meadows Stark Reminder Of How 'Exposed' He Is

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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace came up with a colorful way to describe just how “exposed” Mark Meadows is in the Georgia election interference case.

“I forgot how exposed he is,” Wallace said. “But he is, y’know, naked with his rear end hanging out on the fake electors plot. He’s essentially its quarterback.”

The former White House chief of staff and 18 others ― including Donald Trump ― were charged in Georgia with an array of felonies related to their efforts to overturn the election results in the state. Meadows has been trying, without success, to move his case out of Georgia state courts and into federal court, arguing that he was acting in his official duties.

But Wallace played footage from the Jan. 6 committee hearings making the case that Meadows went far beyond his official duties as he helped push the fake electors plot at the center of the Georgia case.

Timothy Heaphy, who was the Jan. 6 committee’s lead investigator, said Meadows didn’t deny his role when questioned.

“He essentially agreed with the factual allegations that are in the indictment,” he said, adding that Meadows argued that he was doing his job, which includes keeping an eye on what the president was doing.

But Heaphy said Meadows wasn’t a passive observer. He was an “active participant turning the wheels of the conspiracy, facilitating this fake elector plan.”

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