No firearm found at scene of rare fatal police shooting in England, watchdog says

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London (CNN)No firearm was recovered astatine the country wherever a Black antheral was changeable dormant by constabulary successful southbound London this week, according to a watchdog bureau investigating the uncommon fatal constabulary shooting successful England.

Chris Kaba, 24, died aft helium was changeable pursuing a Metropolitan Police car pursuit successful Streatham Hill connected Monday evening, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said successful a connection Wednesday.

Armed constabulary attempted to halt the conveyance that Kaba was successful aft an automatic fig sheet designation camera indicated that the conveyance was linked to a erstwhile firearms incident, the IOPC said.

    At astir 10 p.m. (5 p.m. ET), arsenic equipped officers tried to halt the vehicle, a constabulary serviceman fired a azygous shot. Officers astatine the country administered CPR portion further enactment from the London Ambulance Service and London's Air Ambulance was besides called, the IOPC adds. Kaba died successful the infirmary connected Monday night.

      Victims identified aft  5  killed successful  uncommon  wide    shooting successful  England

      The IOPC, the constabulary watchdog for England and Wales, said it searched the country and section country connected Tuesday evening, aft which nary non-police issued firearm was found.

      Kaba, a British rapper, was owed to go a father, the PA Media bureau reported. Kaba's household has called for a homicide investigation, according to a connection issued by INQUEST, a foundation that provides accusation and enactment to families affected by state-related deaths.

      "We are devastated; we request answers and we request accountability. We are disquieted that if Chris had not been Black, helium would person been arrested connected Monday evening and not had his beingness chopped short," the household connection reads.

        There volition beryllium a elaborate forensic introspection of the conveyance that Kaba was driving and connected immoderate of the constabulary vehicles involved, the IOPC said. The bureau volition besides reappraisal body-worn camera video and video from the constabulary vehicles, it said.

        "We admit that determination is assemblage interest pursuing this incidental and we admit that questions volition stay astir however Mr Kaba tragically ended up being fatally changeable pursuing an attempted conveyance stop," determination manager Sal Naseem said successful the IOPC statement.

        "This probe is analyzable successful quality and determination is simply a ample magnitude of grounds that our investigators are continuing to stitchery and review," Naseem added.

        Metropolitan Police commandant Alexis Boon said successful a connection Wednesday: "I would similar to explicit my sincere condolences to the household and friends of the antheral who died and I recognise the devastating and lasting interaction this tragic incidental volition person connected them."

        Boon said helium understood the incidental was "extremely concerning," adding that the unit is "cooperating fully" with the IOPC.

        Police officers basal   connected  defender  astatine  the transgression  country   successful  Kirkstall Gardens.

        Fatal constabulary shootings successful the UK are precise rare.

        According to information collated by INQUEST, determination were 2 fatal constabulary shootings successful England and Wales successful 2021 and 3 successful 2020. Crime statistic for Scotland and Northern Ireland are usually collected separately.

        The Jayland Walker shooting revives statement   astir  however  constabulary  interact with Black people. Here are different   high-profile cases

          Deborah Coles, the manager of INQUEST, said successful a connection Wednesday: "When the constabulary kill, they indispensable beryllium held accountable to the regularisation of law. INQUEST afloat supports the family's telephone for this to beryllium a transgression probe from the outset. It is indispensable that fatal usage of unit by constabulary is examined with this precocious level of scrutiny.

          "There is rightly choler and vexation astatine yet different Black antheral whose beingness has been chopped abbreviated aft the usage of lethal unit by police. Too often we spot misinformation and demonization of those who die. We anticipation this is not repeated here, arsenic household and friends mourn the nonaccomplishment of a loved one."

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