North Dakota Woman Charged After Bringing Raccoon Into Bar

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MADDOCK, N.D. (AP) — A pistillate who brought a chaotic raccoon into a North Dakota bar, which prompted authorities wellness officials to contented a informing astir imaginable rabies exposure, is facing transgression charges.

Erin Christensen, 38, of Maddock, is charged with misdemeanor counts of providing mendacious accusation to instrumentality enforcement, tampering with carnal grounds and unlawful possession of furbearers.

Christensen was arrested past week aft authorities recovered her and the raccoon by serving respective hunt warrants successful and astir Maddock.

Christensen said her household recovered the raccoon connected the broadside of a roadworthy astir 3 months agone and named it Rocky. She said they were nursing the carnal backmost to wellness with plans to merchandise it backmost into the wild.

It’s amerciable nether North Dakota Board of Animal Health laws to support a chaotic raccoon. Authorities euthanized the animal, and it tested antagonistic for rabies.

Christensen took Rocky to Maddock Bar connected Sept. 6 during blessed hr and showed the raccoon to customers. Bartender Cindy Smith said the carnal ne'er spot anyone astatine the bar.

Nevertheless, North Dakota’s Health and Human Services Department issued a informing asking anyone who whitethorn person been bitten oregon had interaction with the raccoon’s saliva to question aesculapian care.

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