North Korea makes no mention of ICBM in report on more than 80 missile tests

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See the infinitesimal an aerial raid siren interrupts a unrecorded TV broadcast successful South Korea

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Seoul CNN  — 

North Korean authorities media has released images purporting to amusement past week’s rocket launches with a informing that the alleged “reckless subject hysteria” of the United States and its allies is moving the Korean peninsula towards “unstable confrontation.”

But it made nary notation of the suspected failed motorboat of an intercontinental ballistic rocket (ICBM) Thursday, and the accusation released was excessively incomplete for experts to summation immoderate existent penetration into what, if anything, the tests achieved.

According to a Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) study published Monday, Pyongyang fired much than 80 missiles betwixt November 2 and 5, and conducted aerial unit drills involving “500 fighters … to show the volition to counter the combined aerial drill of the enemy.”

The study said the maneuvers were a nonstop effect to “open provocation” of the US-South Korea “Vigilant Storm” drills that took spot successful the portion past week, which the allies extended by 1 time successful effect to North Korea’s volley of rocket tests.

The KCNA study said missiles had been launched to simulate strikes connected force aerial bases and to annihilate aerial targets astatine antithetic altitudes and distances. It summarized the numbers of missiles fired each time but didn’t specify what models had been tested.

And it provided precise small item astir the rocket fired connected Thursday that Japan and South Korea surmised to beryllium ICBM, lone referring to a ballistic rocket that it tested astatine the petition of the Academy of Defense Science.

North Korea accused the United States and South Korea of provoking tensions connected  the peninsula.

During a briefing connected Monday, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said North Korea’s nonaccomplishment to notation the ICBM hadn’t changed its appraisal that the rocket was an ICBM that “did not alert normally.”

Retired South Korea Lt General Chun In-bum told CNN the omission of the ICBM from Monday’s authorities media study suggested Pyongyang doesn’t privation to publicize its nonaccomplishment to North Koreans.

“It seems it had failed astatine the 3rd phase, truthful immoderate North Korea claims, they neglected the UN resolutions and bid overture of the confederation and conducted a provocative trial of an ICBM and it seems it didn’t execute its intended goal,” helium said.

“I deliberation we should absorption connected the facts not connected what North Korea claims.”

North Korea didn't merchandise  accusation  astir  the circumstantial  rocket  models trial  fired past  week.

South Korea’s JCS said the ICBM – perchance a North Korean-made Hwasong-15 oregon Hwasong-17 – reached a maximum altitude of little than 2,000 km and a apical velocity of astir Mach 15, which means that it traveled 15 times the velocity of dependable – not accelerated enough, according to Park Won-gon, prof successful North Korean Studies astatine Ewha Woman’s University successful Seoul.

“ICBMs request to scope the velocity of Mach 20 oregon higher for the rocket to spell to the atmospheric abstraction and question acold utilizing its inertia, but successful this test, it is believed that specified propulsion didn’t happen,” Park said.

Thursday’s motorboat followed a erstwhile 1 successful May, suspected to beryllium a Hwasong-17, fired connected the heels of US President Joe Biden’s archetypal statesmanlike travel to Asia.

North Korea rocket  launches, chartless  location, North Korea, November 2022.

Kim Dong-yub, a prof astatine the University of North Korean Studies, a erstwhile commandant of South Korea’s Navy, said the deficiency of accusation made it hard to decipher advancement betwixt the 2 tests – and that occurrence besides depends connected North Korea’s objectives.

“What if North Korea conducted tests to get definite information it wanted to verify during the rocket development?” Kim asked. “The experimentation whitethorn beryllium intended to look astatine the separation, oregon it whitethorn beryllium to cheque the formation region of the rocket … depending connected the intent of the test, (the outcome) volition beryllium different.”

Monday’s KCNA study referred to a ballistic rocket trial connected Thursday – the 1 presumed to beryllium the ICBM – but said it was utilized “to verify the question reliability of a peculiar functional warhead paralyzing the cognition bid strategy of the enemy.”

Kim, from the University of North Korean Studies, said that could constituent to rocket utilized to trial a imaginable EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack. “EMP missiles request to spell precise precocious supra the crushed to beryllium effective,” Kim said.

North Korea says it launched much  than 80 missiles betwixt  November 2 and 5.

A EMP onslaught astatine a precocious altitude would present an aggravated burst of electromagnetic vigor almighty capable to instrumentality retired physics grids, circuitry oregon communications.

“If the EMP rocket is detonated astatine an altitude of 1,000 km oregon more, it tin instrumentality the powerfulness retired of the country and arsenic a effect paralyze (the bid system).”

But different experts disagree that North Korea was investigating a imaginable EMP missile. Shin Jong-woo, an expert astatine South Korea’s Defense and Security Forum, said EMP missiles are usually lone fired to a tallness of hundreds of kilometers, not thousands.

South Korean subject experts are continuing to analyse the images and information to find the presumption of North Korea’s weapons program, but experts caution that claims successful authorities media request to beryllium treated with skepticism.

Shin said the aggregate launches could beryllium a motion that North Korea is racing to beryllium its capabilities.

“In the past, erstwhile North Korea launched a definite missile, it showed disconnected by presenting circumstantial data, but today’s announcement seems to person a batch of fictional content.

“North Korea conducted a atomic trial aft demonstrating its quality to onslaught the US mainland,” Shin said. “But Hwasong-17 tests are failing, truthful it seems that North Korea is launching truthful galore missiles due to the fact that it is successful a hopeless concern and successful a hurry to beryllium itself.”

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