NYC Marathon Course Map and Route: A Five-Borough Tour

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Sports|The New York City Marathon Route: A Five-Borough Tour

The 26.2-mile contention is simply a circuit of New York City connected foot, implicit with roaring crowds scattered crossed divers neighborhoods.

The Madison Avenue span  betwixt  the Bronx and Manhattan is 1  of 5  bridges runners traverse during the New York City Marathon. 
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Nov. 4, 2021, 10:30 a.m. ET

The New York City Marathon way spans each 5 boroughs, carrying runners crossed 5 bridges and respective hilly stretches.

The 26.2-mile contention begins successful Staten Island and turns northbound done Brooklyn and Queens. Runners past caput westbound crossed the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan, up northbound into the Bronx, and backmost to Manhattan to decorativeness successful Central Park.

It’s a challenging route, peculiarly due to the fact that of the hilly bridges. On the bridges, runners are afloat exposed to the wind, and due to the fact that determination are nary spectators, determination tin beryllium an eerie silence.

Here’s are a fewer highlights from on the course, from a runner’s perspective:


willis ave. Br.



Pulaski Br.





Crossing the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge is the archetypal challenge, and the longest ascent of the race. But determination is truthful overmuch adrenaline from the start, and specified a sparkling presumption of New York Harbor and the downtown skyline, that runners hardly consciousness the ascent.

The calm of Fourth Avenue — astir six miles without a crook — yet gives mode to the bedlam of Downtown Brooklyn and Lafayette Avenue. For 2 miles, determination is the joyousness of the brownstone-lined streets successful the bosom of the borough, wherever tons of kids connection orangish slices and different refreshments. The existent situation is not letting the euphony coming from the windows of the location parties unit a sprint.

The Brooklyn conception of the people whitethorn instrumentality runners an hr oregon two. Queens gets done successful astir 10 minutes. The extremity of the opening starts with a near successful Greenpoint and a presumption of the Pulaski Bridge into Queens. The mediate of the span brings the 13.1-mile mark. The bottommost of it brings Queens and different boost of noise, which was not determination successful Long Island City 25 years ago, earlier the residential operation boom.

The assemblage connected First Avenue successful Manhattan, particularly close disconnected the Queensboro Bridge, tin beryllium six radical heavy connected either broadside of the sidewalk. The people stretches retired consecutive northbound for 3 miles, euphony coming from the bars connected the Upper East Side, and past from the large speakers beside the avenue connected the flats successful East Harlem.

The bridges into and retired of the Bronx are debased and short, and the full 4th borough gets done successful a mile and a half. Quick turns propulsion successful immoderate assortment aft a agelong straightaway. The contention passes the 20-mile people successful the Bronx, wherever things tin get truly hard for runners. Ever heard of the wall?

All the bridges are past. There are 2 parts to this adjacent agelong of a small little than 2 miles — getting to Marcus Garvey Park and a picturesque rotation astir the square, and past 10 blocks to the apical of Central Park.

When the Guggenheim Museum comes into view, runners person 3 miles remaining. The people weaves into — and concisely retired of — Central Park, wherever the decorativeness enactment beckons.

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