NYC's employee vaccine mandate is now in effect. Here's what it could mean for first responders

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Members of the occurrence and constabulary departments and different metropolis workers had until Friday evening to amusement impervious they person received astatine slightest 1 dose of the Covid-19 vaccine oregon beryllium placed connected unpaid leave. The aforesaid mandate has been successful effect already for metropolis wellness attraction and acquisition workers.

But successful the days starring up to the deadline, some the occurrence and constabulary departments scrambled successful mentation for imaginable unit shortages, with 1 root telling CNN past week the Fire Department of New York was preparing for a 20% simplification successful work starting Monday.

New York occurrence  and constabulary  departments are scrambling to screen  unit   shortages erstwhile   vaccine mandate takes effect

Vaccination rates for the FDNY and the departments of sanitation and corrections accrued by 3% since Saturday night, according to vaccination information released by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's bureau connected Sunday night.

The percent of FDNY employees who person received astatine slightest 1 dose accrued to 80% from 78% connected Saturday, and NYPD vaccination rates remained the aforesaid from the erstwhile day, astatine 84%, according to the data.

New vaccination rates released by de Blasio's bureau astatine 8 p.m. ET Sunday amusement that 11 of 44 metropolis departments listed by the politician accrued by astatine slightest 1% since Saturday night.

As of Sunday night, 22,800 workers stay unvaccinated, according to the data. That's down from 46,300 reported October 19, the time earlier the vaccine mandate was announced.

From Saturday nighttime to Sunday nighttime astatine least, 1,400 NYC employees received astatine slightest 1 dose, based connected the information provided the mayor's office.

'People are not safe'

The city's sanitation section was astatine a 67% vaccination complaint arsenic of Thursday, de Blasio said during a quality conference.

At the property conference, the politician said exigency services volition proceed to relation contempt expected shortages and expressed assurance successful the tools disposable to those agencies to assistance boost vaccination numbers.

"Until we decision Covid, radical are not safe. If we don't halt Covid, New Yorkers volition die," De Blasio said. "We must, indispensable halt Covid, and the mode to bash that is vaccination."

He added helium expected a accelerated emergence successful vaccinations arsenic employees "realize that they are present dealing with the world that their wage is astir to end."

"We saw thousands upon thousands of vaccinations successful the past days," the politician said Thursday. "So, this is I think, a clip wherever you're going to spot immoderate existent changes."

The root who spoke to CNN said arsenic galore arsenic a 5th of the city's occurrence companies could beryllium closed arsenic a effect of unvaccinated unit shortages and added a 5th of the department's ambulances could spell retired of service.

According to an FDNY Twitter post, 72% of its firefighters were vaccinated by Friday -- up from 65% connected Wednesday -- 84% of its EMTs and paramedics and 90% of civilian employees.

New York Fire Department members protestation  up  of Covid-19 vaccine mandate deadline

The occurrence section is readying to cancel vacations and enact mandatory overtime, the root said.

Firefighters national authoritative says 'all we are asking for is other time'

FDNY-Firefighters Association President Andrew Ansbro said helium doesn't cognize however galore firefighters would not beryllium permitted to enactment Monday greeting owed to inactive being unvaccinated, stating the FDNY does not stock those numbers with them.

Ansbro said the vaccine mandate is "causing an exodus" of firefighters from the section and the remaining firefighters are "going to person to enactment to the breaking point" to marque up for the staffing shortages. Ansbro maintained their national is "not anti-vaccine, we are anti-mandate."

In effect to reports firefighters were taking sick permission to protestation the vaccine mandate, Ansbro said galore firefighters who decided to get vaccinated are talking sick days due to the fact that of reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine.

"Everyone knows the vaccine causes mild flu-like symptoms regularly, truthful these members are not coming to enactment feeling those symptoms," Ansbro said.

FDNY-Fire Officers Association President Jim McCarthy said Monday greeting "all we are asking for is other time" regarding the metropolis mandate, truthful their members tin person much clip to marque decisions connected whether to get the vaccine, to record immoderate spiritual oregon aesculapian exemptions, oregon perchance determine to retire.

In a connection shared with CNN, Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro said the section volition "ensure the continuity of operations and information of each those we person sworn oaths to serve."

"The Department indispensable negociate the unfortunate information that a information of our workforce has refused to comply with a vaccine mandate for each metropolis employees," helium said. "We volition usage each means astatine our disposal, including mandatory overtime, communal assistance from different EMS providers, and important changes to the schedules of our members."

Many constabulary  unions are pushing backmost  connected  vaccine mandates. Here's why

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said the constabulary section was besides making plans for shortages, which included asking vaccinated NYPD officers to enactment overtime oregon treble shifts.

A Staten Island justice denied a petition by the city's largest constabulary national Wednesday to artifact the vaccine mandate. The determination was a "violation of constabulary officers' rights and would pb to less officers connected the streets," said Patrick Lynch, caput of the New York City Police Benevolent Association.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller wrote connected Twitter Friday nighttime the vaccination complaint successful the section was "increasing."

Officers, firefighters debar vaccination

To debar getting vaccinated, thousands of NYPD employees applied for a "reasonable accommodation" earlier the mandate went into effect, Shea told section presumption WNYW.

Anyone who goes to enactment Monday who is not vaccinated and does not person a pending tenable accommodation petition submitted by Wednesday volition "be sent location without pay," Shea told the quality station.

New York City vaccine mandate extends to each  metropolis  workers and includes a caller   $500 bonus, politician  says

Meanwhile, an FDNY authoritative told CNN Saturday immoderate firefighters are going connected aesculapian permission due to the fact that of the mandate, starring to immoderate companies being temporarily retired of service.

Nigro, the FDNY commissioner, called the extended sick permission "unacceptable," saying it went against firefighters' oaths to service and "may endanger the lives of New Yorkers."

The section authoritative who spoke to CNN Saturday did not person accusation connected however galore firefighters full were connected sick permission oregon aesculapian leave, but said the section has not closed immoderate firehouses.

FDNY members protested the mandate extracurricular De Blasio's authoritative residence Thursday, sporting signs with phrases including "My Body My Choice" and "#Natural Immunity."

"In 21 years, we've been done the Trade Center, hurricanes, Covid, and conscionable to travel retired and enactment this mandate connected successful specified a abbreviated play of time, it's conscionable not right," Julian Eyre said that day.

He told CNN he's choosing to discontinue aft 21 years with the occurrence section alternatively than get the vaccine.

CNN's Maya Brown, Laura Studley, Evan Simko-Bednarski and Brynn Gingras contributed to this report.

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