Off-Duty Atlanta Cop Allegedly Used Racist Slurs, Pointed Gun At Black Family

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An off-duty Atlanta constabulary serviceman is facing aggregate charges aft helium allegedly shouted racist slurs and pulled a weapon astatine a Black household during a roadworthy rage incident.

Courtney Harris reported that a antheral aboriginal identified arsenic Robert Malone, a achromatic serviceman who resigned successful July, pointed a handgun astatine her arsenic the 2 navigated done postulation successful May, WXIA-TV reported.

Harris, a Black pistillate with her spouse Quinton Rogers and 3 of her kids successful the car, said she was leaving a parking batch erstwhile she astir struck the man’s vehicle, according to a constabulary report.

Malone, who drove a achromatic Chevrolet Camaro, allegedly honked his horn astatine the pistillate and called her the N-word, according to the report.

The pistillate said helium threatened her by saying he’d “blow her brains out,” and she saw him constituent his weapon astatine her again.

“That enactment the biggest fearfulness successful them, similar conscionable seeing that weapon being pointed astatine them. And then, my 11-year-old holding my 8-year-old daughter’s caput down to support her, telling her the weapon is pointing close here,” Harris told the quality station.

“I cried that nighttime — that hurt,” she added.

Harris told WSB-TV that she noticed Malone’s “Atlanta Police” badge and, aft she “flagged down” a antithetic Atlanta Police officer, Malone denied her allegations and took off.

Malone was aboriginal arrested and charged with a fig of felony charges including first-degree cruelty to children and aggravated battle with a deadly weapon, WSB-TV reported.

He went to jailhouse connected June 28 and was released the pursuing day, jailhouse records show.

Harris told the quality presumption that she doesn’t deliberation a antheral similar Malone should locomotion astir with a gun.

Malone’s attorney, Brian Tevis, told the quality presumption that Harris and Rogers gave an “inaccurate account” of the incidental compared to what they told police. He claimed the mates got retired of their car to attack Malone’s Camaro and became assertive portion threatening him.

“Once they realized Mr. Malone was a constabulary officer, they changed their demeanor and came up with these mendacious accusations,” said Tevis of Tevis Law Firm LLC. “Their inability to archer the aforesaid communicative doubly demonstrates that their relationship is simply a fabrication. Unlike their story, the information does not change, and we look guardant to the information coming retired successful court.”

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