Officer assaulted on 1st day of solo patrols

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NEW YORK -- Mayor Eric Adams beat a hasty retreat from one-man subway patrols aft an experienced detective moving by himself was assaulted connected an East New York subway level connected Tuesday, the precise time the programme was announced.

As CBS2's Marcia Kramer reported Wednesday, City Hall says it's modifying the plan, but constabulary unions person a antithetic take.

It was benignant of an embarrassing presumption for the politician to beryllium in. After all, helium was a transit skipper and is determined to marque the NYPD much efficient. But the Police Benevolent Association and the detectives national double-teamed him, and helium knows each excessively good that it's important for cops to cognize helium has their backs if helium wants to trim crime.

"This could person been a tragedy," said Paul DiGiacomo, president of the Detectives Endowment Association. "I instantly reached retired to the politician past nighttime and helium said helium is going to modify the one-man patrol and enactment 2 men connected the trains, themselves."

DiGiacomo was talking astir however a detective with 10 years acquisition was assaulted connected the level of the No. 3 enactment astatine the Pennsylvania Station successful East New York connected Tuesday nighttime and astir mislaid his weapon to the assailant.

DiGiacomo called the politician and asked him to rethink his program and truthful did PBA President Pat Lynch.

"The detective could person mislaid his life," DiGiacomo said. "If you look astatine the past of policing successful transit and you look astatine the transit constabulary officers that were killed, astir of them were killed doing single-person patrol."

A City Hall spokesperson told CBS2 the solo patrols aren't being abandoned, conscionable modified. Later, the NYPD issued the pursuing statement:

"We are continuing with the solo patrol conception by spreading officers retired connected posts, but with the caveat that they beryllium wrong show of 1 another. This volition summation visibility of constabulary officers looking retired for the riding public, portion astatine the aforesaid clip looking retired for each other," a spokesperson said.

The politician said, "The speech was truly however bash we scope the the extremity that we want? How bash we get the omnipresence and however bash we marque definite the officers are safe? And we came with a existent gathering of the minds of lets person the separated solo patrols enactment successful eyesight of each other."

Adams, who had hoped to summation constabulary beingness connected the trains by splitting up the teams, was seemingly troubled by the attack, allegedly perpetrated by a 24-year-old who has a past of run-ins with cops. Police accidental Alex Eremin was smoking a cigaret erstwhile the bull asked him to enactment it out. Instead, Eremin reportedly hurled himself down the stairs and erstwhile the detective tried to assistance helium tried to instrumentality him down the stairs with him. Police accidental helium Eremin made respective attempts to drawback the cop's gun.

Kramer asked DiGiacomo what it means for cops to beryllium "within sight" of 1 another.

"Well, successful eyesight means you would astir apt beryllium successful the adjacent car and you could spot from car to car to marque definite that you're OK, oregon astatine each halt officers would instrumentality their heads retired and look and marque definite they're OK," DiGiacomo said.

While the caller programme won't precisely beryllium one-man units, it should interruption up the clusters of cops lasting unneurotic and often looking astatine their phones, which we spot sometimes.

Marcia Kramer


Marcia Kramer joined CBS2 successful 1990 arsenic an investigative and governmental reporter. Prior to CBS2, she was the City Hall bureau main astatine the New York Daily News.

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