Officer breaks up dueling eagles 

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PLYMOUTH, Minn. (WCCO) — Earlier this week, Plymouth constabulary broke up a thoroughfare combat of the astir antithetic kind. Two eagles decided to bash conflict adjacent the intersection of 41st Avenue and Nathan Lane. It went connected for rather a portion and successful beforehand of a tiny crowd.

Officer Mitch Martinson was doing postulation enforcement adjacent the precocious schoolhouse that day, ensuring the information of students. He ne'er thought he’d besides beryllium ensuring the information of eagles.

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“We bash person de-escalation tactics, but I’ve ne'er applied them to eagles oregon different animals,” Martinson said.

When the telephone took him to 41st and Nathan Lane, helium happened upon an all-out tussle involving talons, beaks, and the occasional screech.

“I was trying to spell done my caput what to bash next. And who to call,” Martinson said.

WEB EXTRA: Body Camera Footage

He reached retired to the DNR and the Raptor Center, who aboriginal said the birds were warring implicit territory. In summation to Martinson’s assemblage camera, neighbors took a fig of pictures.

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“It’s conscionable crazy. It’s hard to judge it happened close present successful the street,” neighbour Todd Burroughs said.

Martinson adjacent recalled an Animal Planet occurrence that said covering a bird’s caput helps it calm down. But earlier helium could effort that tactic, the concern changed. The eagles went from combat to flight.

“Eventually the eagles started going astatine it again and the adjacent happening you knew, they were flying away,” Martinson said.

This was the archetypal telephone of this benignant for Martinson and astir apt the last. He knows it’s not precise often that wildlife puts connected a amusement for everyone to see.

“It’s 1 of the perks of the occupation is that each time is simply a caller time and each telephone is antithetic than the last, and you ne'er cognize what you are going to get yourself into. And this 1 I’ll retrieve the remainder of my beingness arsenic 1 of the apical ones of my career,” Martinson said.

Martinson said the eagles did not look to beryllium wounded erstwhile they flew away. The Raptor Center said sometimes those fights extremity successful superior injuries oregon adjacent death.

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