Officer helps save baby that was not breathing

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Willard Police Department Sgt. Steve Purdy helped prevention a newborn who stopped breathing aft birth.

On August 12, Sgt. Purdy received a telephone that a parent was going successful labor. The Willard Police Department presumption was adjacent to their determination truthful helium took the call. Before helium arrived, dispatch said the babe had been delivered, and the babe was not breathing. He was the archetypal to get to the apartment, wherever the parent was already doing CPR.

He took implicit and aft a fewer minutes asked the parents Tayllor Burt and Ray Daugherty if they had thing to wide his lungs. They did.

“When the babe was breathing connected its ain and I was capable to manus the babe to its parent that was overmuch relief,” Sgt. Purdy says.

The baby’s sanction is Asher and is present 3 weeks old. The parents accidental helium is blessed and healthy.

Sgt. Purdy says he’s not large into each the attention, though helium appreciates it. He and others besides privation to admit the mother’s speedy thinking.

A squad effort to marque definite babe Asher had a warring chance.

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