Officials investigating after a house collapsed

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia officials are investigating aft a location partially collapsed successful Manayunk Saturday morning.

The incidental happened astir 6:30 a.m. connected the archetypal artifact of Levering Street.

Once occurrence crews arrived -- they reportedly recovered that the backmost broadside of the three-story enactment location had collapsed.

Neighbors accidental they woke up to the dependable of a crash, and past they heard the sirens.

Surrounding homes had to evacuate arsenic firefighters searched the debris.

"There was this immense crash. It was similar a sliding rumble, conscionable a elephantine noise, and it lone lasted astir 2 seconds," said neighbour Thomas Gartside.

While the dependable was a shock, helium says the illness is not surprising.

"This location hasn't been maintained, and past determination was portion of the location that was each deteriorated," helium added. "There was adjacent similar a elephantine weed oregon histrion increasing retired of the house."

Firefighters successful the rescue portion utilized cameras and listening devices to hunt the debris.

Officials corroborate that nary 1 was injured successful the collapse, and the homeowner wasn't there.

"I was acrophobic that everything was going to overflow into my gait arsenic well, the debris, everything, the full backmost broadside of the location is wide open," said neighbour Bryan Volek.

Dave Bass, who besides lives nearby, said, "I didn't adjacent recognize it was this location due to the fact that from the beforehand you couldn't spot anything, but they're aged homes built connected a hill. It happens."

It appears the attached rowhomes person harm arsenic well.

Neighbors anticipation the messiness is addressed quickly.

"It's a beauteous well-maintained block. It's conscionable the 1 house, the 1 anemic nexus connected the block," said Gartside.

L&I has declared the spot structurally unsound. The homeowner has 30 days to demolish oregon repair the home.

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