Oil Royalty and Mineral Companies Sitio and Brigham to Merge in $4 Billion Tie-Up

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Sitio Royalties Corp. and Brigham Minerals Inc. person reached a woody to merge to signifier 1 of the largest publically traded mineral and royalty companies successful the U.S., worthy astir $4 billion, the companies announced Tuesday.

Sitio and Brigham, similar the remainder of the industry, some person had expanding profits successful the past fewer months connected the backmost of rising lipid prices. Combining the 2 companies would let the caller entity to execute economies of standard and go a person successful the minerals-rights industry, the companies said.

“The mineral and royalty abstraction benefits from standard dissimilar immoderate different concern successful the vigor worth chain,” Sitio Chief Executive Officer Chris Conoscenti said successful an interrogation Monday.

After the woody was announced, shares of Sitio fell astir 2% to $24.71 successful greeting trading. Brigham banal fell 3.54% to $28.36.

Mineral owners instrumentality location a chopped of the lipid and state pumped connected their onshore successful the signifier of royalty payments, often 12.5% to 20% of the worth of the fuel. They don’t power the gait of development, but they aren’t connected the hook for drilling oregon overhead costs, either, and they reap the benefits of precocious commodity prices.

Both Brigham Minerals and Sitio person been making important acquisitions this twelvemonth successful the oil-rich Permian basin.

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Upon the deal’s closing, Noam Lockshin, a spouse astatine private-equity steadfast Kimmeridge Energy Management, which presently owns 43.2% of Sitio’s shares outstanding, would go president of the caller company, the companies said. Mr. Lockshin presently serves arsenic president of Sitio. Mr. Conoscenti volition service arsenic CEO of the combined company, which volition beryllium based successful Denver and run nether the sanction Sitio.

The all-stock woody is expected to adjacent successful the archetypal 4th of 2023, according to the companies. Under the presumption of the deal, Sitio’s shareholders volition ain astir 54% of the company, portion Brigham’s volition ain the remaining 46%, the companies said.

Both Sitio and Brigham person been pursuing a consolidation strategy successful the oil-rich Permian basin of West Texas and New Mexico, making important acquisitions this year.

Sitio was formed aft the merger of Kimmeridge-owned Desert Peak Minerals Inc. and Blackstone Inc. -backed Falcon Minerals Corp. earlier this year.

Brigham has announced mineral and royalty involvement deals successful the portion worthy astir $150 cardinal truthful acold this year. Sitio, meanwhile, purchased much than 40,000 nett royalty acres successful the Permian successful the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year, the institution told investors past month, including a astir $323 cardinal acquisition successful June.

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The recently formed institution would person interests successful much than 34% of each wells drilled successful the Permian successful the 4th fourth of 2021, the companies said.

Brigham CEO Robert Roosa said past period helium is bullish connected lipid prices, citing supply-chain issues that bounds accumulation successful the lipid patch, issues related to Russia’s vigor supplies, the request to refill the drawn-down Strategic Petroleum Reserve and what helium described arsenic the inability of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to ramp up production.

“We’ve seen semipermanent structural advantages to being successful energy,” helium told investors.

—Collin Eaton contributed to this article.

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