Ordinance aims to ban smoking in Nashville bars

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Some Metro Council members are moving to walk an ordinance that would prohibit smoking cigarettes and vapes successful bars.

The non-smoking measure volition person it’s archetypal speechmaking astatine the Metro Council gathering connected Tuesday, August 2.

Council members who are introducing the authorities accidental smoking needs to beryllium banned from bars to support the musicians, bartenders, and waiters who enactment successful bars that inactive let smoking.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), secondhand fume causes astir 34,000 premature deaths from bosom illness each twelvemonth for non-smokers.

Council Member Ginny Welsch says if this non-smoking ordinance becomes law, bars volition person to bent up ‘no smoking’ signs and marque definite each their customers travel that rule.

“Enforcement would travel successful the aforesaid mode not serving intoxicant to radical who are 21 would travel up,” Welsch said. “...people would travel successful and conscionable marque definite this instrumentality is being followed and if it’s not, you would beryllium cited for that. That’s what I would imagine. As we spell done much discussions with this successful assembly determination mightiness beryllium different things we travel up with, but that’s however I ideate the enforcement to be.”

Welsch is preparing to perceive from radical connected this non-smoking ordinance. She said akin laws person been passed successful different states and person proven to assistance shield radical from secondhand fume without hurting concern owners.

“They person recovered nary antagonistic interaction connected whether oregon not restaurants and bars past openings and closings, Welsch explained. “In fact, they person each accrued astir apt due to the fact that determination is wide enactment for these types of smoking bans and radical are much comfy and privation to spell to restaurants and bars that are non-smoking, truthful they aren’t putting their wellness astatine hazard erstwhile they spell to conscionable person a nighttime retired connected the town.”

This instrumentality would not impact cigar bars, oregon different places wherever smoking is simply a portion of their business.

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