Organizers vow to get Christmas gifts for kids

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CHICAGO (CBS) —One monolithic deed connected a Chicago compartment telephone store does treble harm this vacation season.

Thieves got distant with not lone merchandise, but thousands of Christmas gifts for kids connected the city’s South Side. As CBS 2’s Steven Graves explains, it’s the mode they did it that makes it wounded adjacent more.

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After much than a decennary of tradition, this was going to beryllium the twelvemonth for Joy McCann’s artifact drive.

“We did it amended than we ever did before.”

These bags afloat of Christmas gifts, a fraction of the astir 20,000 items she and her radical Project Loose Change collected.

“Some Kindles. Some small bikes. It was conscionable toys. A clump of toys,” McCann said.

So many, that she had to usage her person Sayaad Dababneh’s Boost Mobile Store successful South Chicago to store them successful backmost country safes.

“Now, nary toys for the kids,” McCann said.

(Credit: Loose Change)

It was the benignant of brazen burglary Dababneh had ne'er seen.

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“They came done this door. I installed [a metallic doorway and lock] yesterday,” Debabneh said.

And thieves got to a doorway by sawing a spread successful a ceramic wall. A platform hid them arsenic they went into the basement wherever they aboriginal disabled the information cameras. There was $40,000 worthy of merchandise that was stolen. The gifts were astir apt a expansive find for the grinches who mightiness person been acquainted with the store’s layout.

“Because to spell successful the basement, and travel this way, they’ve been present before,” Debabneh said.

Dababneh, who worked with McCann connected the artifact thrust promises to travel backmost stronger. With lone 2 weeks out, some program to usage idiosyncratic money. They hope the assemblage volition donate funds oregon driblet disconnected toys astatine the store connected Commercial Drive.

(Credit: Loose Change)

“These atrocious radical are not going to halt me. They’re not going to alteration my heart. My bosom volition beryllium the same. Her bosom volition beryllium the same,” Dabaneh said.

“I’m going to springiness distant 20,000 toys. Where I get them from, I don’t know. But I’m going to get them,” McCann said.

The Christmas tone whitethorn beryllium a small crushed, but it’s not defeated.

You tin driblet disconnected toys astatine the Boost Mobile locations astatine 91st and Commercial, 95th and Jeffrey and 159th Street successful Harvey. Click present to spell to the group’s GoFundMe link.

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