Ortega's path to run for fourth straight re-election as Nicaraguan president

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A pistillate watches a televised code by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega during an lawsuit wherever helium agreed with his Honduran counterpart Juan Orlando Hernandez to specify their borders successful the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, including the Gulf of Fonseca, which they stock with El Salvador, successful Managua, Nicaragua October 27, 2021. REUTERS/Maynor Valenzuela/File Photo

Nov 3 (Reuters) - Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is up for re-election connected Nov. 7 for a 4th consecutive term, with critics saying the erstwhile Marxist revolutionary has go the benignant of authoritarian person helium erstwhile opposed arsenic helium suppresses increasing dissent.

Following are the main events that shaped the emergence to powerfulness of the longest-serving person successful the Americas and his consolidation of governmental power successful the look of protests:

1961 - The Sandinista Liberation Front (FSLN) begins run to prehend powerfulness from the Somoza family, which had dominated Nicaragua since the 1930s. Ortega joins the Sandinistas 2 years aboriginal arsenic a teenager.

1967 - Ortega is jailed for 7 years aft robbing a slope to money the FSLN. Released successful 1974 to Cuba, helium trains successful guerilla warfare earlier returning to Nicaragua.

1979 - The FSLN subject run topples dictator Anastasio Somoza, replacing him with a junta that Ortega would travel to dominate.

1984 - Ortega is elected president.

1990 - Ortega is defeated successful his bid for a 2nd word by Violeta Chamorro of the National Opposition Union.

2007 - Ortega returns to bureau aft winning an predetermination successful November 2006. His authorities begins receiving hundreds of millions of dollars successful lipid backing from Venezuela.

2010 - The Supreme Court lifts a prohibition connected consecutive statesmanlike re-elections, allowing Ortega to tally again.

November 2011 - Ortega wins a 2nd consecutive word with much than 72% of the ballot successful an predetermination which rivals said was fraudulent. International predetermination observers accidental irregularities were not capable to change the outcome, but the disputed process gave his Sandinista enactment a two-thirds bulk successful Congress - conscionable capable votes to alteration the constitution.

January 2014 - Congress changes the constitution to region word limits, allowing Ortega to tally for bureau indefinitely.

November 2016 - Ortega wins a 3rd term, again with implicit 72% of votes. Shortly earlier the election, the Sandinista-controlled Supreme Court replaces the person of the main absorption enactment with idiosyncratic with beardown ties to Ortega.

April 2018 - Thousands of Nicaraguans statesman demonstrations against a planned societal information overhaul which morphs into a broader protestation calling for Ortega to quit. Protests proceed aft Ortega abandons the betterment and much than 300 radical dice and hundreds are arrested successful the government's heavy-handed crackdown, which is internationally condemned.

2019 - Nicaragua releases dozens of governmental prisoners nether an amnesty law. Ortega rejects a connection for aboriginal elections from the Organization of American States.

October 2020 - Nicaragua passes laws criminalizing what the medication considers "fake news". The laws besides barroom radical from seeking bureau if they are believed to person financed attempts to oust Ortega, oregon encouraged sanctions.

June 2021 - Police spot absorption person Cristiana Chamorro, a girl of erstwhile President Violeta Chamorro, nether location arrest. Arrests of different statesmanlike hopefuls follow.

August 2021 - Prosecutors complaint 8 absorption leaders with conspiracy, including 3 who planned to situation Ortega. Police raid the bureau of La Prensa, the lone remaining autarkic newspaper, and apprehension the manager.

October 2021 - Police detain 2 apical representatives of Nicaragua's biggest concern association, accusing them of crimes "to the detriment of the Nicaraguan state."

November 2021 - By the clip of the election, 38 absorption leaders are either successful jailhouse oregon nether location arrest.

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