Packers fans paint new slogan on 'original' fence

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Packers whitethorn unfastened the regular play connected the roadworthy successful Minnesota, connected Sunday, but Titletown is getting acceptable for football.

In the shadows of Lambeau Field, astatine 1177 Shadow Lane, sits a ranch location decorated with plentifulness of greenish and gold. But, it’s the obstruction successful the backyard of the spot -- crossed the thoroughfare from Lambeau Field -- that truly means thing to Packers fans.

“If you’re a existent Packer fan, you enactment it connected your bucket database and stuff,” says David Fenner of Green Bay.

On Labor Day, and for decades before, Packers fans, and adjacent squad officials, person shown up astatine this house, with overgarment brushes successful hand, to enactment successful the yearly obstruction coating tradition. “I did overgarment a lot. It was a precocious schoolhouse occupation erstwhile I was successful precocious school. They marque it precise casual for you,” says Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy.

A slogan connected the obstruction serves arsenic inspiration for the upcoming year. According to Josh Viste from Green Bay, ”It was ever thing to look guardant to each clip we made a travel to Green Bay. Now that Green is location we inactive proceed to look guardant to seeing what’s going to beryllium printed connected determination and conscionable how, arsenic we spot everybody coming down Oneida to Lombardi present everyone wants to honk and to spot it. It truly draws an eye.”

This year’s obstruction and the slogan it volition transportation passim the play is astir truthful overmuch much than conscionable football.

“The slogan connected the obstruction is dedicated to Freddy and it says ‘Hey Pack. Bring it location for Fred’ and past we besides person Freddy with the trophy truthful the Packers truly person to bring it location for Fred this twelvemonth Packers. Let’s bash it,” says Dotty Harrsch.

Freddy, is Fred Harrsch, a New Jersey native, who arsenic a kid successful the 1950′s, grew to emotion the Green Bay Packers. His friend, Jim Pecard, says, “His lifelong imagination was to walk the past fewer chapters of his beingness present successful Green Bay. And erstwhile the accidental came to bargain this house, connected Shadow Lane, Fred jumped connected it.”

For much than 20 years helium owned the house, location of the “official” Packers fence. Harrsch passed distant earlier this year, but his household is making definite his bequest and emotion for the Packers unrecorded on.

His sister-in-law, Dotty Harrsch, adds, “The obstruction is inactive present and it’s gonna beryllium here. We’re going to support doing it each year, support the contented going. The p[revious household started it successful 1984, Fred continued, and present we’re going to continue.”

And portion the obstruction this twelvemonth whitethorn beryllium a tribute to Fred Harrsch, each of Packers Nation hopes the squad tin bring the Lombardi Trophy backmost to Titletown.

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