Paris Hilton Says She Hired Pet Psychic To Find Her Missing Dog: 'I'm Desperate'

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Paris Hilton is connected the hunt for her furry companion.

In a heartfelt plea connected Instagram, the DJ announced Monday that she’s searching for her four-legged person Diamond Baby, who went missing past week.

“This is truthful incredibly hard for maine to station due to the fact that I’ve been astatine a nonaccomplishment of words,” Hilton captioned an Instagram post. “I was astatine a photoshoot and we’re moving houses and 1 of the movers indispensable person near a doorway open. My household and friends person been helping maine hunt precocious and debased passim my full vicinity and person gone doorway to door, but we inactive haven’t recovered her.”

The “This Is Paris” podcast big said she’s doing “everything successful my power” to retrieve Diamond Baby, including hiring a “pet detective, a canine whisperer, a favored psychic,” and adjacent researching “dog-finding drones” that could assistance find the dog.

She told fans she’s “been successful tears” and “so bittersweet and depressed” without her treasured pet.

“Anyone who has ever loved a favored and mislaid a favored volition recognize this symptom that I’m feeling,” Hilton wrote. “My bosom is breached I person been successful tears, truthful bittersweet and depressed. I consciousness similar portion of maine is missing and thing is the aforesaid without her here. Diamond Baby is my everything, genuinely similar a girl to me. We were inseparable, she was my champion person and ever by my side.”

She added that she was reluctant astatine archetypal to marque it nationalist that the canine was missing “because radical tin beryllium cruel and I interest astir her safety.”

“But I’m hopeless and the much clip that passes, the farther distant I consciousness from the chances are of maine getting her back,” she continued.

Hilton included an email code wherever radical tin taxable tips astir the whereabouts of her pet. She besides declared she’s offering a “NO questions asked” reward for the dog’s harmless return.

Hilton is known to beryllium an carnal lover, and boasts a postulation of furry companions that she affectionately calls the “Hilton Pets.”

In 2009, she reportedly showcased the grade of her emotion for man’s champion person by purchasing a lavish dog house — implicit with a balcony, aerial conditioning and a chandelier — for a whopping terms tag of $325,000.

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