Paris Saint-Germain manager Christophe Galtier responds to criticism over 'sand yacht' comment

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(CNN)Paris Saint-Germain manager Christophe Galtier has responded to disapproval astir comments helium made erstwhile answering a question astir the club's usage of backstage jets.

Galtier had sarcastically said PSG was looking into traveling to distant matches by "sand yacht" aft a newsman asked whether it was appropriate, fixed the clime crisis, to question by backstage pitchy to Nantes, which is conscionable 2 hours distant from Paris by train.

His reply prompted laughter from PSG's prima striker, Kylian Mbappé, who was sitting adjacent to Galtier during the property conference.

    Following wide backlash successful France, Galtier said helium recognized that it was a "bad joke" but insisted the nine is conscious of the clime crisis.

      "Even if I emotion wit and it's important to marque jokes, I realized that it was a atrocious gag connected a precise delicate taxable and I saw the proportions that it took," helium told reporters.

      "The archetypal happening I'm going to archer you is that present astatine PSG, we are not retired of touch: the nine arsenic a whole, the players, the staff, everyone is precise attentive to the occupation of the clime and successful nary lawsuit are we being careless.

      "I heard a batch of things since yesterday, the calls, besides contiguous adjacent if I tried to enactment focused connected the match. I don't person to apologize. It was a atrocious joke, but judge me, astatine the nine we are each acrophobic astir these clime problems."

        Greenpeace activists protestation  extracurricular  of the Parc des Princes.

        Alain Krakovitch, the managing manager of the SNCF bid company, had highlighted that the travel from Paris to Nantes is "less than 2 hours by TGV," France's high-speed obstruction service.

        "I americium reiterating yet again our connection for a TGV connection adapted to your circumstantial needs, for our communal interests: safety, speed, services and eco-mobility," he said successful a tweet.

        French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne told BFMTV that it is "important that they recognize what benignant of satellite we are in."

        "That they go alert that determination is simply a clime situation that is nary longer a proposal for time but is simply a world present that we person each experienced, with the vigor wave, with the drought, with the fires this summertime and that everyone -- everyone -- indispensable beryllium good alert of the satellite we unrecorded in," she said.

        "So I telephone connected them to beryllium afloat alert of this situation."

        Galtier's comments prompted Greenpeace activists to protestation extracurricular of the club's Parc des Princes stadium earlier PSG's Champions League lucifer against Juventus connected Tuesday.

        They held up signs saying "Climate: No clip to laugh" and "Climate: Be exemplary," portion 1 protester turned up successful a tiny yacht connected wheels.

        Erling Haaland continues his goal-scoring streak arsenic  Manchester City thrashes Sevilla 4-0 successful  the Champions League

        Agnès Pannier-Runacher, France's vigor Minister, told French broadcaster CNEWS that PSG should not beryllium "above" the "considerations" laid retired by authorities to effort and trim the country's greenhouse emissions.

        "I deliberation that the absorption of Christophe Galtier and Kylian Mbappé shows however acold they are from the stakes of planetary warming and I deliberation that each French radical contiguous person taken the measurement of planetary warming this summer," she said.

        "Global warming is nary longer an abstraction, it is thing that has consequences connected our regular beingness -- determination are wood fires, determination is simply a precise beardown drought, determination are floods -- and everyone indispensable instrumentality their portion successful this effort to trim greenhouse state emissions. It's not laughable and that's what's shocking astir their words, to marque it thing that is anecdotal. No.

          "And we have, with Amalie Oudea-Castera, the sports minister, worked with each the [sports] federations, precisely connected a sobriety program to trim greenhouse state emissions from the transport of the staff, the transport of the teams, the transport of the fans who travel to spot the competitions, and truthful PSG is not supra the law, is not supra these considerations."

          PSG bushed Juventus 2-1 successful its opening Champions League radical signifier lucifer acknowledgment to 2 goals from Mbappé.

          CNN's Renée Bertini, Marguerite Lacroix and Natacha Bracken contributed to this report.

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