Paul Haggis, Oscar-winning screenwriter and director, detained in Italy on sexual assault charges

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(CNN)Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis has been detained successful Italy implicit allegations of intersexual battle and aggravated idiosyncratic injury, according to a connection from section prosecutors and his ineligible team.

The 69-year-old Canadian-born manager and screenwriter, who won 2 Oscars for the 2004 transgression play "Crash," was successful the state to be a movie festival that begins Tuesday successful Ostuni, a tourer municipality successful the confederate Italian portion of Puglia.

Public prosecutors successful the adjacent municipality of Brindisi said successful a connection Sunday that they issued a warrant for the detention of a "70-year-old" Canadian antheral identified arsenic "P.H.," who was staying successful Ostuni.

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    They said: "The antheral is earnestly suspected of the crimes of aggravated intersexual unit and aggravated idiosyncratic injury, crimes committed to the detriment of a young overseas woman."

      Haggis' US-based attorney, Priya Chaudhry, told CNN successful an email connected Monday that she was "confident that each allegations volition beryllium dismissed against Mr. Haggis," portion noting that Italian instrumentality prevents her from discussing the evidence.

      She added: "He is wholly innocent, and consenting to afloat cooperate with the authorities truthful the information comes retired quickly."

      Haggis' lawyer successful Italy, Michele Laforgia, said successful a property connection Sunday: "Paul Haggis is presently successful Ostuni, astatine his home, nether 'detention' by bid of the Public Prosecutor of Brindisi. We are waiting to beryllium summoned by the Judge for Preliminary Investigations for the custody interrogation and to render our mentation of the facts."

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          He added: "Haggis instantly declared that helium was wholly guiltless and that helium hopes for the maximum velocity of each the indispensable investigations to clarify the matter. Obviously we cannot state thing further nor springiness details of the accusations until we larn afloat the acts of the ineligible lawsuit down the cautionary measurement and we person been heard by the judicial authorities."

          Haggis is an acclaimed director, shaper and screenwriter. His movie credits see "Crash," which earned him Oscars for champion representation and champion archetypal screenplay astatine the 2006 Academy Awards, and the screenplays for the multi-Oscar-winning "Million Dollar Baby" arsenic good arsenic the James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace."

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