Paul McCartney Interview Hilariously Edited So He's Grooving To Smash Mouth

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A YouTube duo has managed to bash thing astonishing by making the Smash Mouth deed “All Star” spell viral erstwhile again ― with a small assistance from Paul McCartney.

YouTube comedians Twister & Jumanji precocious made a mashup video utilizing Smash Mouth’s 1999 smash with a clip from “McCartney 3,2,1,” a 2021 Hulu bid wherever the erstwhile Beatle discusses his euphony with shaper Rick Rubin.

Using clever editing and the assorted tracks of the song, it appears arsenic if McCartney and Rubin are grooving to “All Star.”

“Clearly, these guys are going places,” Rubin says, seemingly referring to Smash Mouth (though his archetypal remark was really astir the Beatles).

“Good group,” McCartney says with a giggle earlier Rubin appears to play different opus for the stone legend’s perusal: “Never Gonna Give You Up,” by Rick Astley.

You tin spot the video below.

The video has been seen much than 250,000 times since it was posted past week, and galore radical person commented that the editing is truthful bully they were astir convinced it was legit.

Some radical adjacent said the video made them recognize that “All Star” is rather an intricate production.

McCartney hasn’t commented connected the mashup, but Smash Mouth did, telling the creators, “LOL,” connected the YouTube leafage and sharing it connected societal media.

It’s not the archetypal clip idiosyncratic has tried to harvester Smash Mouth and the Beatles, specified arsenic this premix of “Help!” and “All Star.”

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