Paul Rudd Helps Billy Eichner 'Round Up Straight People' To Promote His Gay Comedy

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Billy Eichner wrote and stars successful “Bros,” the archetypal large workplace film with an all-LGBTQ cast. Best known for his “Billy connected the Street” show, helium returned to the frantic format to beforehand his latest movie ― and brought Paul Rudd with him.

The Nicholas Stoller film, produced by Judd Apatow, centers connected a cheery New Yorker who’s fixed up anticipation of uncovering a partner. In a caller “Billy connected the Street” video, Eichner and Rudd dash astir municipality dressed successful promotional t-shirts for the movie to “round up consecutive people” into seeing it.

“This is Billy. I’m retired present backmost connected the thoroughfare with celebrated and beloved consecutive antheral Paul Rudd,” Eichner says successful the video. “We’re gonna dispersed the connection astir my caller movie, ‘Bros.’ You ready, Paul? Let’s Bro!”

Eichner and Rudd archetypal attack 2 men who look excited astir a movie called “Bros” and person them to bargain tickets, lone for Eichner to disclose: “Lotta cheery enactment successful it.” The men abruptly look to suffer interest, and Eichner and Rudd permission them successful the dust.

This is precisely wherefore Eichner wrote “Bros” successful the archetypal place, of course, arsenic romanticist comedies astir ever absorption connected consecutive relationships. Eichner and his onscreen emotion interest, co-star Luke Macfarlane, told the “Today” show they hoped “Bros” would beryllium welcomed into the genre.

“As a cheery man, I’ve watched those movies, and I cried and I laughed, and I took thing distant from it,” Macfarlane told the amusement of movies that halfway connected consecutive couples. “So I deliberation possibly asking immoderate of our consecutive friends to ticker a cheery mates autumn successful emotion and outcry and laughter and instrumentality thing from it, too. I deliberation that’s what movies are each about, is not looking for ourselves successful movies, but seeing however we subordinate to idiosyncratic who’s possibly antithetic than us.”

That besides comes with immoderate pressure, Eichner told Variety.

“I consciousness a work for it to bash well,” helium said. “I’ve worked truthful hard connected it, I attraction truthful overmuch astir it, and I privation it bash good for the involvement of the LGBTQ stories getting greenlit. So there’s a load I feel, overmuch arsenic I privation to beryllium present and conscionable speech astir however comic the movie is.”

In his video with Rudd, they brushwood galore radical who are excited astir an honorable portrayal of the cheery dating scene. One pistillate says she loves the idea. In classical Rudd fashion, helium past asks her astir who manufactured her glasses — starring her connected a deathly dull tangent.

“I got a movie to sell, alright?” Eichner moans portion walking away.

Eichner past tells someone, “Paul Rudd demands that you spot ‘Bros.’” After promising helium will, the antheral asks Rudd if helium tin “physically transportation maine there.”

Rudd not lone tries but succeeds — spurring Eichner to scream, “Oh! We’re carrying this antheral to ‘Bros!’”

After recruiting “a battalion of chaotic lesbians acceptable to dispersed the word” and moving down the thoroughfare with them, Eichner finds a brace of Gen-Z youths who are disinterested successful the movie due to the fact that rapper Playboi Carti’s euphony isn’t successful it. They telephone retired Eichner for not knowing who that is.

“I cognize who that is,” Eichner fired back. “I can’t sanction a song. Name 1 opus by Barbra Streisand, bitch!”

Bros hits theaters Sept. 30.

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