PD: Carjacking involving child caught on camera

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- A antheral successful Bucktown was carjacked astatine gunpoint portion helium was putting a kid into a car spot Sunday.

Chicago constabulary said that astir 8:45 a.m., a 38-year-old antheral was putting the kid into the spot successful the 1900-block of North Honore Street erstwhile a antheral with a weapon approached.

The antheral told him to instrumentality the kid retired of the car spot and springiness him "everything helium had," constabulary said. The unfortunate complied, and the carjacker fled successful his 2017 BMW.

The full incidental was caught connected video from a adjacent home. The carjacker tin beryllium seen holding the weapon connected the brace arsenic helium gets into the car and drives off.

The video was captured by cameras installed connected the building's store entranceway little than 3 weeks ago, and residents ne'er thought they'd beryllium enactment to usage truthful quickly.

"Because it was the 2nd clip this happened. The archetypal time, they conscionable moved in, these neighbors are new. One of their archetypal experiences are having an attempted carjacking," said Mike Elliott, resident. "They're much successful daze with immoderate relief. A batch of alleviation that thing happened to their son."

No 1 was injured, constabulary said. No 1 is presently successful custody, and Area Five detectives are investigating.

Police judge this carjacking was 1 of 3 either committed oregon attempted by the aforesaid man, who constabulary said whitethorn beryllium aided by an accomplice. The different 2 took spot Wednesday morning, 1 successful the 1900-block of West Wabansia and past different 18 minutes aboriginal successful the 2900-block of West Wabansia.

So acold this year, determination person been 1,692 carjackings citywide, up 34.3% from the aforesaid play past year. But successful the 14th constabulary district, which covers Bucktown and Wicker Park, that percent is overmuch higher: up 68% compared to 2020.

Police person released lone precise generic descriptions of the 2 radical suspected successful these carjackings. Anyone with accusation related to these crimes should telephone Area Five police.

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