Pharmacist accused of distributing drugs in exchange for sex

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MEDIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A Delaware County pharmacist is accused of distributing drugs retired of his pharmacy successful speech for sex.

Martin Brian, 81, who is the proprietor and relation of the now-defunct Murray-Overhill Pharmacy located connected State Street successful Media, is accused of utilizing his entree to medicine drugs for sex.

"He was giving retired those drugs to radical who did not request them, radical who were addicted to them, conscionable truthful helium could get what helium wanted from them, which was intersexual gratification," said Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer.

The probe began this past April erstwhile Media Borough constabulary recovered 2 unconscious individuals parked successful the backmost of the pharmacy. As the officers were investigating, a pistillate walked retired of the pharmacy. Authorities accidental she ran erstwhile she saw police.

Police accidental Brian came retired and asked if everything was alright, and upon abstracted questioning, inconsistencies emerged betwixt what the brace told officers.

As a result, the cellphone of the pistillate was seized and an probe was launched.

"They did an audit of his records and determined determination were tons of missing medications," said Stollsteimer.

The Murray-Overhill Pharmacy was the largest purchaser of oxycodone, Xanax, and the deadly substance fentanyl successful the 19063 zip code, according to a DEA audit that analyzed inventory from 2016 to 2021.

Authorities accidental arsenic the pistillate was interviewed by agents from the DEA, she admitted that she had been gathering Brian play to speech enactment acts for wealth and for controlled substances.

"What's going connected with fentanyl is destroying families each crossed Delaware County arsenic we speak. He was giving retired those drugs to radical who did not request them," said Stollsteimer.

A further probe revealed that a 2nd pistillate besides admitted that she was exchanging intersexual favors for drugs with Brian aggregate times a week

The Murray-Overhill Pharmacy shuttered this past June.

Brian is being charged with intersexual extortion and different related cause offenses. He turned himself successful Monday. His bail was acceptable astatine $250,000.

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