Phoebe Bridgers says she had an abortion last year

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(CNN)Phoebe Bridgers has said that she had an termination past year.

"I had an termination successful October of past twelvemonth portion I was connected tour," the American singer-songwriter wrote successful a post published to her verified Twitter relationship

"I went to planned parenthood wherever they gave maine the termination pill," she added. "It was easy. Everyone deserves that benignant of access."

    Bridgers' determination to uncover her termination connected Tuesday came successful the aftermath of a US Supreme Court draught sentiment published by Politico, which appears to amusement that the tribunal would repeal the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision which established a law close to the process crossed the US. The communicative garnered explosive reaction crossed the board, with galore questioning what the fallout of the scoop volition entail for the tribunal -- and for the country.

      The papers written by Justice Samuel Alito was circulated successful aboriginal February, Politico reported. The court's last sentiment has not been disclosed, and votes and connection tin alteration earlier opinions are formally released.

      The tribunal corroborated the authenticity of the papers connected Tuesday, stressing that it was not the last decision.

      If the tribunal were to onslaught down Roe v. Wade, it would people a radical reversal of decades of precedent that would abstracted the US from astir of the Western satellite connected reproductive rights.

        The authoritative sentiment would determination against a planetary inclination toward freer entree to abortion, and presumption the US with a precise tiny database of countries that person made efforts to restrict entree successful caller years.

        Phoebe Bridgers performs connected  the Outdoor Theatre signifier    during the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival successful  Indio, California connected  April 22.

        Social media users tweeted successful enactment of Bridgers.

        "thank u to phoebe bridgers for sharing her termination story. this benignant of transparency helps," 1 idiosyncratic posted.

        "seeing @phoebe_bridgers speech openly astir her termination is truthful extremist yet it shouldn't person to be," different said, adding: "gives maine anticipation for those who inactive person to hide."

          The Grammy-nominated instrumentalist has antecedently opened up astir her idiosyncratic experiences successful an effort to destigmatize wider societal issues.

          In a 2021 documentary, she spoke astir her thoughts connected intelligence health, and the challenges women look successful the euphony industry.

          CNN's Tierney Sneed, Ariane de Vogue, Joan Biskupic and Rob Picheta contributed reporting.

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