Photographer helps youth, launching free after-school programming

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(WXYZ) — He’s an artist, a lensman with an oculus for helping people.

“From a societal standpoint, we person to instrumentality attraction of each other, due to the fact that if we don't, past who does,” said Shawn Lee.

Lee is the proprietor of Shawn Lee Studios successful Southfield. More than a decennary ago, helium mislaid his occupation successful different tract — but soon after, helium gained a passionateness successful photography.

“I figured I needed to beryllium truly bully astatine it, truthful I started taking classes and going to schoolhouse and got proficient astatine it. And what I needed to bash was cultivate business,” helium said.

He started "I See Detroit" photography tours backmost erstwhile the metropolis was going done bankruptcy.

“As I look up and coming into bankruptcy successful the metropolis of Detroit, everybody's hurting. And truthful I could determine to wounded and not bash nothing, and I could permission conscionable similar everybody other did, oregon I could bash my portion to assistance bolster ... oregon springiness backmost and fortify it,” said Lee.

His emotion for Detroit and radical continued to physique done his concern — yet starring to his "Rock That" photography conferences.

“We’ve built a league astir that to put successful creatives, to put successful youth, to put successful people. And truthful we spouse with immoderate beauteous large organizations to beryllium capable to put successful radical and successful astir instances, allowing them to travel to our league for free,” helium said.

And what does “rock that” mean to him? He explains, “rock that is my word for making beingness happen.”

There’s a give-back mantra with astir everything helium does and his adjacent adventure, helping young minds make done after-school programming.

“Now we are frameworking agelong word instruction, right? So not conscionable a flash successful the pan, but however tin we present thatch kids wherever determination whitethorn not beryllium immoderate creation classes oregon whitethorn not beryllium immoderate photography classes,” helium said.

With $120,000 worthy of camera cogwheel donated by Canon and a much than $100,000 acquisition from an enactment called 17hats, Lee intends to bash conscionable that, put successful people, successful younker who whitethorn beryllium slipping done the cracks.

Starting this month, helium plans to tally a year-long aviator programme archetypal astatine Mt. Clemens Secondary Complex.

“We’re going to bash 3 cohorts of 40 students each. We're gathering into it tract trips, we volition person centrifugal coaches. It's conscionable immoderate breathtaking stuff,” helium said.

Mt. Clemens creation teacher Maureen Cusenza volition assistance facilitate the programming.

“COVID stopped truthful galore things, you know, and enactment a halt to things that it yet feels similar schoolhouse again ... and present we person an aft schoolhouse program. Shawn came up with the thought to provender them all, which the kids were truthful excited about,” she said.

Cusenza said Lee’s thought was a invited surprise.

“When you privation to bash inspiring, engaging things, it tends to outgo much money. So erstwhile helium called, it's similar winning the lottery,” said Cusenza. "The information that helium told the kids that they're going to beryllium shooting with existent instrumentality and printing their ain pictures and having a assemblage amusement wherever they get to bent their framed artwork and past merchantability it and support the money? Oh, they're each astir it. So he's not conscionable teaching them creation skills oregon photography skills, but besides beingness skills and concern skills."

And art, some Cusenza and Lee say, is simply a necessity for young minds.

“I judge that each young idiosyncratic should instrumentality astatine slightest 1 creation class, a photography class, a coating people ... It helps you to deliberation extracurricular of the container of wherever we are. What we request successful times of occupation are not radical who conscionable negociate stuff. We request radical who tin innovate ways retired of things and into things,” said Lee.

He said the program is to rotation this retired to much schools successful the future.

“So that we truly put and well-rounded students and supply them with an accidental not lone for creativity but occurrence successful life,” helium said. “It goes to the constituent of, attraction astir radical ... and attraction capable astir radical to not springiness them crap. Give them your best. Let's springiness radical our best. Let's enactment immoderate thought into this and put successful our kids, due to the fact that they're going to pb our tomorrow.”

As the recipient of the the 2022 Humanitarian of the Year from the Professional Photographers of America, Lee said it’s an grant to beryllium recognized, but helium doesn’t assistance others up for the awards.

“We were doing this enactment erstwhile it's not popular, it's not. It's not a sexy work, right? You know, lifting radical up is not sexy. It's conscionable you can't bash it due to the fact that it's disposable … we bash it due to the fact that we emotion people,” helium said.

Lee says close present he’s looking for photographers successful communities consenting to assistance instruct younker – if you’re funny successful helping oregon you privation to donate to his efforts, scope retired to him here.

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