Photos Reveal Ivana Trump's Final Resting Place At Bedminster Golf Course

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The New York Post has published photos of Ivana Trump’s burial tract astatine her erstwhile husband’s Trump National Golf Course successful New Jersey.

The plot, adjacent the archetypal greenish astatine Donald Trump’s people successful Bedminster, is presently bare crushed marked with a granite plaque with her name, her birthdate and decease date. A spray of achromatic flowers lies astatine the head.

The New York Times reported the time of her ceremonial a week agone that the crushed had been consecrated truthful that she could person a accepted Catholic burial.

The parent of Eric, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. died July 14 astatine the property of 73 successful her Manhattan home. Her decease was owed to a autumn down the stairs, which was ruled accidental by the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner.

Her sedate is not excessively acold from the main clubhouse, successful a spot golfers would not typically see, the paper reported. It’s situated astatine the backmost broadside of the archetypal tee, according to the Post.

A root explained to the Post: “They person a backstage grassy area. It’s conscionable a precise discreet portion of granite engraved with her name.”

In 2017, The Trump Organization filed plans to physique duplicate graveyards astatine the course, The Washington Post reported. The smaller 1 would see 10 plots overlooking the archetypal tee, intended to beryllium for Trump and his family.

“Mr. Trump . . . specifically chose this spot for his last resting spot arsenic it is his favourite property,” his institution wrote.

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