Pill Cases, Organizers And Keychains For Your Daily Medication

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Whether you request a regular alarm connected your smartphone oregon a elephantine handwritten enactment connected your bath mirror, it’s not ever casual to retrieve to instrumentality your meds. This tin beryllium particularly existent if you’re traveling, astatine enactment oregon conscionable retired of the location and request to bring your medicine regimen connected the go.

While a pill container won’t warrant that you’ll ever beryllium punctual with your prescription, it’s a large instrumentality to assistance you retrieve to bring your meds wherever you go. From beauteous pill-shaped fobs you tin enactment connected your keyring to sleek boxes that you won’t caput taking retired of your bag, these pill organizers volition assistance you enactment connected apical of your medications.

Some person compartments for an full week and immoderate conscionable clasp 1 day’s worthy of pills, but each are acceptable up to assistance you acceptable your medicine into your beingness and your idiosyncratic style.

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A customizable beaded keychain

This hand-beaded pill lawsuit keychain volition marque you excited to instrumentality your medicine each day. The Etsy seller offers 3 antithetic sizes, on with enactment to customize each lawsuit with up to 4 colors of your choosing. With implicit 50 colors disposable (including neons), your pill lawsuit is definite to beryllium unsocial and personal.

A divided container with a vintage feel

About the size of a tin of mints, this stylish pillbox comes successful 15 patterns. It’s besides equipped with a mirror, 2 compartments and a unafraid lid to forestall spills successful your bag.

A minimalist pill lawsuit to support your organized each week

Long and lean, this sleek pill lawsuit volition support your medicine organized without shouting "this is simply a pill case!" It features a magnetic closure, a sliding divider tray, and compartments connected the apical and bottommost for greeting and nighttime medication.

A bling-encrusted pill case

A small razzle dazzle ne'er wounded anyone. This glittering cardinal concatenation comes successful 8 colors and is waterproof and moisture-proof, keeping your medicine protected.

A La Croix-style pill container and vessel opener keychain

Crack a acold 1 each time with these remarkably cute “cans” of everyone’s favourite sparkling water. Each tiny receptacle measures 1.4 inches successful tallness and is disposable successful 1 of 15 flavors. There’s adjacent a matching vessel opener.

A leather pill pouch

This circular pill pouch is 3.5 inches successful diameter and holds a divided integrative lawsuit labeled with the days of the week. It’s disposable successful 3 patterns and boasts a 4.7-star standing from 158 reviews.

A chill minimal play pill organizer

With a sleek rectangular signifier and ample mirror, you whitethorn mistake this play pill container for an eyeshadow palette. It comes successful fives colors, with spacious sections for each time of the week.

Magnetic hexagon containers for pills and products

Create an Instagram-ready pill organizer with Cadence’s magnetic leakproof containers. The containers travel successful 10 colors and the interchangeable lids tin beryllium personalized with a statement oregon icon. They're besides interlocking, truthful you tin instrumentality the pieces you request connected the go.

A clamshell pill case

Make this velvety ammunition pill container portion of your world. It comes successful 3 colors, each with a integrative lining to support your pills safe.

A pill organizer masquerading arsenic a billfold

This high-capacity seven-day pill lawsuit looks similar a wallet oregon coin purse. It comes with color-coded pill trays that descent retired of the case, each color-coded for casual reference.

A oversea foam lawsuit with six sections

Keep your supplements and pills organized with this six-container case. “This useful small gadget is awesome,” wrote Sephora reviewer ktsgramma.“GONE are the days of random bottles spilling everyplace portion you effort to get retired the 1 med you really request astatine that time. I tin abstracted my rx's into 6 neat categories!”

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