Pillow salesman and Trump ally Mike Lindell challenging FBI's search and seizure of his phone

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(CNN)Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow and salient backer of erstwhile President Donald Trump's mendacious elector fraud claims, is challenging successful national tribunal the FBI's recent seizure of his telephone at a Hardee's edifice drive-thru successful Minnesota arsenic helium returned from a duck hunting trip.

He alleges it whitethorn person been an amerciable hunt -- wherever helium was questioned astir what helium knew astir the 2020 predetermination and predetermination machines successful Colorado -- without decently being explained his rights oregon being allowed to permission the drive-thru without handing implicit his phone.

The Justice Department had obtained a warrant, approved by a national judge, to execute the search, according to the tribunal record.

    Still, Lindell claims his law rights were violated, successful portion taking contented with however agelong it took during the hunt for agents to let him to talk with his attorney. He wants to artifact the Justice Department from having entree to his telephone data, which helium says helium uses for his pillow concern and different concern and idiosyncratic matters, specified arsenic speaking with his lawyer and controlling his proceeding aids.

      Mike Lindell's telephone  hunt  reveals caller   details astir  scope   of national  probe into efforts to subvert 2020 predetermination  results

      Lindell's situation of the DOJ follows different salient Trump supporters and advisers challenging their ain telephone seizures, successful investigations related to January 6, 2021, and the 2020 election. None of the radical who person tried to situation their telephone seizures person successfully gotten a tribunal to intervene.

      Lindell has not been charged with immoderate crime.

      Federal authorities successful Colorado are investigating the breach of a county's voting system arsenic portion of efforts to subvert the 2020 predetermination results, according to subpoena documents obtained by CNN.

          The records, obtained precocious by CNN, showed the Justice Department is gathering grounds related to 3 imaginable crimes successful Mesa County, Colorado: individuality theft, intentional harm to a protected machine and/or conspiracy to perpetrate either.

          The probe appears to beryllium looking astatine imaginable crimes abstracted from the January 6, 2021, national transgression probe into the effort to overturn the election's effect by Trump acolytes successful precocious 2020 and aboriginal 2021.

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