Players association to investigate response to sex assault allegations

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Nov 4 (Reuters) - The National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) said connected Thursday it would behaviour an autarkic reappraisal of its effect to the 2010 allegations of intersexual battle made by Chicago Blackhawks imaginable Kyle Beach against erstwhile video manager Brad Aldrich.

The NHLPA said connected its authoritative Twitter relationship that the enforcement committee had voted "in favour of the solution directing an autarkic review" implicit however it handled the Beach case.

The NHL has been rocked by the findings of an autarkic probe conducted by the Blackhawks into allegations that Aldrich sexually assaulted Beach during the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs. The bombshell study has led to a fig of squad executives submitting their resignations. work much

The 107-page study released connected Oct. 26 elaborate a deficiency of enactment by Blackhawks elder management, which was made alert of an incidental but did not privation to woody with the distraction portion the squad was playing successful the Stanley Cup finals.

In the autarkic report, Aldrich stated that the brushwood was wholly consensual.

After winning the Stanley Cup, the Blackhawks offered Aldrich the prime of facing an probe oregon resign, which helium did.

Beach, who was referred to arsenic "John Doe" successful the report, disclosed past week during a tv interrogation that helium was the subordinate who raised intersexual battle allegations and filed a suit against his erstwhile team. work much

During that interview, helium besides noted helium went to the NHLPA with the allegations but that it excessively failed to act.

"I cognize I reported each azygous item to an idiosyncratic astatine the NHLPA, who I was enactment successful interaction with after," Beach told Canadian sports web TSN. "I judge 2 antithetic radical talked to Don Fehr.

"For him to crook his backmost connected the players erstwhile his 1 occupation is to support the players astatine each costs, I don’t cognize however that tin beryllium your leader."

Fehr told investigators helium did not callback being alerted to the Beach allegations, but conceded successful a connection past week that the NHLPA had failed successful its duty.

"There is nary uncertainty that the strategy failed to enactment him successful his clip of request and we are portion of that system," Fehr said.

Reporting by Steve Keating successful Toronto; Editing by Peter Cooney

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