Police Arrest Suspect In Memphis Shootings Reportedly Livestreamed On Facebook

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Police arrested a fishy successful a Memphis shooting rampage that was reportedly livestreamed connected Facebook, causing wide panic passim the city.

Authorities identified the fishy arsenic 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly.

The shootings began Wednesday afternoon, prompting a constabulary pursuit that crossed into neighboring Arkansas. The Memphis Police Department initially alerted the nationalist of the shootings connected societal media, calling the gunman “armed and dangerous” and stating the idiosyncratic was “responsible for aggregate shootings.”

At 1 point, the gunman reportedly feigned needing assistance aft crashing a conveyance earlier carjacking the conveyance of a pistillate who’d stopped to assistance him.

Police confirmed that Kelly was successful custody astatine 9:28 p.m. section time.

The antheral reportedly livestreamed the shootings connected Facebook. One antheral was killed successful a shooting successful southbound Memphis and different pistillate was injured successful a 2nd lawsuit nearby, but it’s unclear if those attacks are linked to the suspect.

“We are getting reports that helium is signaling his actions connected Facebook,” the Memphis Police Department wrote connected societal media earlier his capture.

*****UPDATE 9:28 PM******


Ezekiel D. Kelly

Please travel our societal media platforms for updates.

Please debar the country of Ivan Road & Hodge Road

— Memphis Police Dept (@MEM_PoliceDept) September 8, 2022

Reports of the shootings prompted lockdowns crossed the city. The Delta Fair temporarily unopen down, and section trolley and autobus services were closed. The University of Memphis issued a information alert, though authoritative aboriginal said determination was nary contiguous menace to the campus.

If you bash not request to beryllium out, delight enactment home!

— City of Memphis (@CityOfMemphis) September 8, 2022

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Carla Russo contributed to this report.

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