Police merchandise surveillance video of antheral wanted successful attack

Orlando constabulary contented a transgression alert aft a pistillate was attacked.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando constabulary are looking for a antheral they accidental followed a pistillate successful downtown Orlando and attacked her wrong her apartment.

The onslaught happened successful the aboriginal hours of Sept. 5 erstwhile the antheral followed the pistillate to her location successful downtown Orlando, entered her flat without support and stole currency from the woman’s wallet portion assaulting her, according to police.

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The pistillate suffered insignificant injuries successful the attack, constabulary said.

Police connected Wednesday released surveillance video of the antheral who was spotted walking astir downtown earlier pursuing idiosyncratic extracurricular bars connected Pine Street adjacent Central Boulevard. Police person not released the sanction of the flat analyzable wherever the onslaught occurred.

Orlando Police person released caller video of a antheral they accidental followed a pistillate and stole wealth during an onslaught astatine her apartment.

They’re hoping idiosyncratic volition admit the fishy and travel forward.https://t.co/2Kr1HPj8UW

— Mark Lehman (@MarkLehman6) September 22, 2022

The antheral was described arsenic gangly and muscular, with a bald caput and beard. Police said the antheral was wearing a achromatic shirt, achromatic pants and achromatic sneakers, arsenic good arsenic a golden necklace, nine bands and an Apple wristwatch.

According to police, the antheral seems to person respective tattoos connected his thorax and a Japanese awesome for spot connected his precocious near arm.

Orlando constabulary are seeking a antheral wanted successful transportation with a burglary and battery. (Orlando Police Department)

Anyone who recognizes the antheral is asked to telephone 321-235-5300 oregon interaction Crimeline anonymously astatine 800-423-8477.

Orlando constabulary are looking for accusation astir a antheral whom constabulary said is suspected of burglary and battery. On Sept. 5 astatine astir 2 a.m., the antheral followed a pistillate location to her flat successful downtown Orlando, astatine which constituent helium went into her flat without support and engaged successful a suspected battery, constabulary said.

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