Felony charges pending against ‘pranksters’

A shooting scare connected Friday astatine Mainland High School that turned retired to beryllium a mendacious alarm drew scores of Daytona Beach constabulary officers to the campus, who recovered thing aft each country successful each gathering was searched. According to a constabulary connection issued Sunday connected Facebook, detectives’ probe revealed the “false alarm” appears to person been the enactment of respective students who capitalized connected a menace written successful a bath stall the time prior, each to play a prank. Though publically unidentified, those students present look pending felony charges, constabulary said.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A “cruel prank” orchestrated by respective students is present blamed for the shooting scare astatine Mainland High School that brought each disposable instrumentality enforcement serviceman to the schoolhouse Friday, according to Daytona Beach police.

According to a police statement issued Sunday connected Facebook, investigators recovered the mendacious alarm appeared to person been the enactment of respective students who utilized a menace written successful a bath stall the time anterior to play a prank. The students, who person not been identified, are present facing pending felony charges, constabulary said.

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Police said 2 groups of students who collaborated “to make a panic.”

Daytona Beach constabulary accidental a "cruel prank" by students led to a large scare astatine Mainland High School.

The students connected Friday were recorded successful the school’s cafeteria getting into presumption and “timing their actions,” according to the statement. As respective girls walked toward an head laughing and smiling, 1 of the students said idiosyncratic had a gun, constabulary said. A lad waiting for his cue past broke retired into a run, prompting a ample assemblage to travel him, the connection reads.

The section said everyone progressive has been identified and interviewed, and the “pranksters” look pending charges of making a mendacious study concerning the usage of firearms successful a convulsive mode against a idiosyncratic oregon persons, a second-degree felony.

Elizabeth Barnes dropped disconnected her lad astatine Mainland High School connected Monday and noticed much officers connected campus.

“Even if it was conscionable a prank, again we person these systems successful spot due to the fact that unit successful schools is simply a existent possibility,” Barnes said.


Even though nary weapon oregon shots were fired astatine the school, Barnes explained what happened connected Friday was inactive alarming.

“So far, I deliberation that the schoolhouse did arsenic bully of occupation it could bash to pass and I deliberation it’s up to america arsenic parents to beryllium a portion of the conversation,” Barnes said.

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The all-clear was issued Friday astatine Mainland High School successful Daytona Beach aft “an exigency fastener was activated,” prompting constabulary to flock to the school.

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