Police Investigating Attack On Utah Gay Couple As Possible Hate Crime

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SANDY, Utah (AP) — Police said connected Wednesday that an onslaught against a cheery mates successful suburban Salt Lake City is being investigated arsenic a hatred crime.

Stefanie Peacock said her 18-year-old son, Christian, and his fellow Jacob Metcalf, besides 18, were attacked conscionable aft midnight Saturday. They were lasting extracurricular of the Peacocks’ location successful Sandy, a 97,000-person suburb southeast of Salt Lake City. A video recorded by Metcalf and posted connected societal media shows young men utilizing homophobic slurs portion Christian Peacock demands they leave.

An altercation ensued and a onslaught tin beryllium heard connected the video. Peacock tin aboriginal beryllium heard saying, “You deliberation you tin conscionable deed people?” Then, the teen who the mates says was the attacker called Peacock a derogatory slur again, according to the video. Peacock aboriginal went to the infirmary to beryllium examined for injuries and a concussion, his parent said.

Jacob Metcalf (left) and Christian Peacock.
Jacob Metcalf (left) and Christian Peacock.

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A 17-year-old was arrested aft the incidental connected suspicion of assault, Sandy Police Sgt. Greg Moffitt told The Associated Press connected Tuesday. No charges person been filed and the fishy was not named due to the fact that helium is simply a minor.

When charges are filed, Moffitt said constabulary planned to supplement a misdemeanor battle complaint with a hatred transgression enhancement due to the fact that “it was precise evident that the fishy knew (Peacock) was a cheery antheral and helium was targeted for that.”

“We privation our residents to cognize and we privation the nationalist to cognize that if this happens successful our metropolis we’re not going to tolerate it. If it’s a hatred transgression we’re going to prosecute it arsenic a hatred crime,” Moffitt said.

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