Polls close in pivotal Philippines election that could put Marcoses back in power

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(CNN)Polls closed connected Monday successful a pivotal predetermination successful the Philippines that could spot the son of a precocious dictator elected to the country's highest office.

About 65.7 cardinal registered voters crossed the state formed their ballots to regenerate populist person Rodrigo Duterte, who steps down aft six years.

For the presidency, erstwhile Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr is facing disconnected against Leni Robredo -- presently the vice president -- and 8 different candidates, including erstwhile boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and Manila politician and erstwhile histrion Isko Moreno.

    Voters are besides deciding the vice presidency -- successful a abstracted contention from the presidency -- and 18,000 different positions including senators and section representatives.

      Before voting began connected Monday, sentiment polls had Marcos Jr, known successful the Philippines arsenic Bongbong, arsenic a wide frontrunner up of closest rival Robredo.

      Rising surviving costs and tackling corruption are among the issues the candidates person campaigned on.

      Nicolas Saban, who formed his ballot successful Manila, said this predetermination is simply a accidental for "peace."

        "Our concern is not bully now, the prices of goods are excessively high. Maybe the adjacent person volition beryllium capable to power it," helium told CNN. He said he's voting for "someone who tin power the poorness successful our state and for the corruption to yet spell away."

        Filipinos enactment     up   to formed  their ballots successful  Tondo, Metro Manila connected  May 9.

        Julie, who gave lone 1 name, said she is voting for a campaigner who is "smart," beardown and "someone who is acceptable to assistance people."

        "For me, it's astir addressing criminality, people's security, and the information of the country. Those are important to me. As good arsenic the lives of the people, each spot successful the state should beryllium peaceful. And radical should beryllium assured that they person thing to eat," Julie said.

        A triumph for Marcos Jr would instrumentality the Marcos dynasty to the Malacañang Palace, much than 3 decades aft the household fled a wide uprising successful 1986.

        Marcos Jr is the lad and namesake of erstwhile authoritarian person Ferdinand Marcos Sr, whose 21-year regularisation was marked by quality rights abuses and plunder of the authorities coffers.

        Tens of thousands of radical were imprisoned, tortured oregon killed during a play of martial instrumentality enforced by Marcos Sr from 1972 to 1981, according to quality rights groups. The Philippines' Presidential Commission connected Good Governance (PCGG) tasked with recovering the household and their associates' ill-gotten wealthiness estimates astir $10 cardinal was stolen from the Filipino people.

        Son of dictator poised for the presidency arsenic  the Philippines goes to the polls

        The Marcos household has repeatedly denied abuses nether martial instrumentality and utilizing authorities funds for their idiosyncratic use.

        Campaigners accidental the Marcoses were ne'er held accountable. Victims of martial instrumentality are inactive warring for justice.

        Whoever wins volition regenerate President Duterte, the tough-talking person known internationally for cracking down on civilian nine and the media, and a bloody warfare connected drugs that has claimed the lives of much than 6,000 people, according to police. Despite his grounds connected quality rights and the Covid-19 pandemic, which made the country's hunger situation worse, Duterte remains hugely fashionable domestically.

        The predetermination besides has ramifications beyond the country's borders. With China and the US progressively treating the Indo-Pacific arsenic a staging crushed for their planetary showdown, the Philippines volition apt travel nether increasing economical and geopolitical pressure, peculiarly arsenic its territorial claims successful the South China Sea overlap with those of Beijing.

        Analysts accidental determination is an accidental for a reset of the Philippines' relationships with some large powers -- and the result of the ballot could displacement the equilibrium of powerfulness successful Asia.

        Philippine statesmanlike  campaigner  Ferdinand Marcos Jr casts his ballot  astatine  Mariano Marcos Memorial  Elementary School successful  Batac, Ilocos Norte connected  May 9.

        Marcos Jr

        Marcos Jr has tally connected a level of "unity" and has promised much jobs, little prices, and much concern successful agriculture and infrastructure.

        His moving mate for vice president is Sara Duterte Carpio, the girl of Rodrigo Duterte, and their supporters spot them arsenic continuing his policies connected infrastructure and his arguable warfare connected drugs.

        Marcos Jr, a erstwhile senator, has tied his run to his father's legacy, with his slogan "rise again" tapping into the nostalgia of immoderate who spot Marcos Sr's clip arsenic a aureate epoch for the country.

        Supporters of the Marcos household accidental the play was a clip of advancement and prosperity, characterized by the gathering of large infrastructure similar hospitals, roads and bridges. Critics accidental that was an illusion and those projects were driven by wide corruption, overseas loans and ballooning debt.

        Marcos Jr was 29 erstwhile his household were chased into exile successful Hawaii pursuing the People Power gyration that toppled his father's authorities successful 1986. Marcos Sr died successful exile 3 years later, but his household returned successful 1991 and became wealthy, influential politicians, with successive household members representing their dynastic stronghold of Ilocos Norte.

        A elector  casts her ballot successful  Manila, Philippines, connected  May 9.

        Marcos Jr's emergence to statesmanlike favourite follows a decades-old rebranding run to revive the Marcos family's sanction and representation -- a run that has much precocious been super-charged by societal media, analysts say.

        Fatima Gaw, co-covenor of the Philippine Media Monitoring Laboratory, says YouTube is simply a "breeding ground" for videos that deny, distort oregon adjacent warrant the atrocities nether Marcos Sr.

        "They've been utilizing a batch of influencers oregon contented creators connected YouTube, to peddle this fabricated communicative astir the Marcos epoch being the aureate property of the Philippines, that determination was bid and bid during the time," said Gaw, who is besides adjunct prof of connection probe astatine the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

        Other analysts said Marcos Jr appeals to Filipinos bushed of the governmental bickering and promises of advancement and economical betterment from successive administrations that galore consciousness person failed to payment mean people.

        Philippine vice president   Leni Robredo casts her ballot  astatine  a schoolhouse  converted into a polling precinct successful  Magarao, Camarines Sur province, connected  May 9.


        Robredo, 57, a erstwhile quality rights lawyer who is moving arsenic an independent, has promised transparency successful government, to tackle corruption, amended the acquisition strategy and guarantee escaped entree to doctors.

        Her campaigning has been supported by an service of national volunteers going location to location canvassing votes, and her rallies person consistently drawn hundreds of thousands of people.

        Robredo has been a frequent critic of the Duterte medication and has fought publically with the President implicit his war connected drugs, which she has called "senseless."

        Throughout campaigning, she positioned herself arsenic an alternate to the Marcos-Duterte partnership, promoting bully governance and speaking up for quality rights.

        Journalist Maria Ressa, the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize victor and president and main enforcement of section media outlet Rappler, told CNN Robredo's run has sparked a movement.

          "Whatever happens next, this state has ne'er been present before. The benignant of unpaid tone that Leni Robredo has sparked, that successful bid to get retired of societal media, determination are volunteers going location to location -- that has ne'er happened successful the Philippines," she said.

          The statesmanlike contention bears immoderate similarities to the 2016 election, erstwhile Marcos Jr took connected Robredo for the vice presidency. On that juncture Marcos Jr lost, contempt starring successful the polls for astir of the race.

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