Pope says women's rights fight is 'continuous struggle', condemns mutilation

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  • Says 'things improve' erstwhile women get Vatican posts
  • No notation of campaigns for women priests
  • Pope: Male chauvinism inactive around, 'kills humanity'

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Pope Francis said connected Sunday the combat for women's rights was a "continuous struggle", and condemned antheral chauvinism arsenic deadly for humanity and pistillate genital mutilation arsenic a transgression that indispensable beryllium stopped.

Speaking to reporters connected the level returning from a four-day travel to predominantly Muslim Bahrain, helium besides praised women helium has appointed to managerial jobs successful the Vatican, saying they had improved things there.

He made nary notation of campaigns to fto women determination connected beyond that and go clergy - the pope and his predecessors person said the question of women priests is closed.

Francis was responding to a question astir women protesting successful Iran but turned to the taxable of women's rights successful general.

"We person to archer the truth. The conflict for women's rights is simply a continuing struggle," helium said, listing historical struggles specified arsenic the combat for the close to vote.

"We person to proceed struggling for this due to the fact that women are a gift. God did not make antheral and past springiness him a lapdog to play with. He created some equal, antheral and woman," helium said.

"A nine that is not susceptible of (allowing women to person greater roles) does not determination forward," helium added.

Francis denounced antheral chauvinism, acknowledging determination was inactive excessively overmuch of it astir the world, including successful his autochthonal Argentina. "This chauvinism kills humanity," helium said.

He besides condemned arsenic a "criminal act" pistillate genital mutilation (FGM), repeating a large telephone helium made successful February connected the U.N. International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation.

According to the United Nations, FGM is concentrated successful astir 30 countries successful Africa and the Middle East but is besides practiced by migrant populations elsewhere. More than 4 cardinal girls are astatine hazard of undergoing FGM this year, the U.N. says.

He spoke of women helium has appointed to managerial roles successful the Vatican, mentioning by sanction Sister Raffaella Petrini, a nun who arsenic the lawman politician of Vatican City is efficaciously the astir almighty pistillate there.

"I person noticed that each clip a pistillate is fixed a presumption (of responsibility) successful the Vatican, things improve," helium said.

He besides cited the interaction of 5 women helium appointed to a section that oversees Vatican finances.

"This is simply a gyration (in the Vatican) due to the fact that women cognize however the find the close mode to spell forward," helium said.

Francis besides has appointed women arsenic lawman overseas minister, manager of the Vatican Museums, lawman caput of the Vatican Press Office, arsenic good arsenic 4 women arsenic councillors to the Synod of Bishops, which prepares large meetings.

The Church teaches that lone men tin go priests due to the fact that Jesus chose men arsenic his apostles.

Reporting by Philip Pullella; editing by Barbara Lewis and Andrew Heavens

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