Porsche Sports Car Together Fest in Pictures: Celebrating the RS

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Over Labor Day weekend, Porsche owners and Porschephiles got unneurotic astatine the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Sports Car Together Fest. The lawsuit was a solemnisation of Porsche's historical GT badge; it was besides an excuse to radiance a spotlight connected 50 years of the RS model. Oh, and Porsche Cup racing was going connected each weekend, with Jeff Gordon coming retired of status to contention his ain recently purchased 911 GT3 Cup car. Here are immoderate of the champion things we saw:

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1973 911 Carrera RS 2.7

Porsche made definite to springiness this proprietor the VIP treatment. Parked squarely successful the beforehand of the GT owners' paddock, this stunning RS 2.7 was connected afloat display. The RS 2.7 was the archetypal Porsche to transportation the celebrated Rennsport iconography connected its ducktail spoiler. Without the RS 2.7, we mightiness not beryllium successful Indianapolis to observe 50 years of RS.

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Icons Abound: Carrera GT

The Carrera GT is 1 of those cars that request nary introduction. It is instantly recognizable, from its low-slung illustration to its screeching V-10, and it's known for having a peculiarly finicky clutch. Porsche produced 1270 Carrera GTs betwixt 2004 and 2006. In our 2004 roadworthy test, we got the Carrera GT to 60 miles per hr successful 3.5 seconds.

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Evolution of an Icon: 918 Spyder

The 918 Spyder is visibly the spiritual successor to the Carrera GT. The designers managed to germinate the iconic plan without copying excessively galore plan cues. Performance was modernized arsenic well. In our 2014 test, the 918 rocketed to 60 mph successful conscionable 2.2 seconds.

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GT Owners' Paddock

Porsche acceptable up a peculiar parking batch wrong the Speedway for owners of their celebrated GT-badged cars. It proved to beryllium a gathering spot for each kinds of GT editions.

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Filling Out the Color Spectrum

These 997-era (2005–2013) GT3 RS models were besides thing peculiar with overgarment that stood retired adjacent successful this crowd.

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Gone are the days of the aboriginal '90s, erstwhile the 964-generation 911 Turbo had a spoiler ample capable for a Thanksgiving feast. Modern 991 and 992 spoilers astir apt can't clasp an full feast, but an day dispersed would apt acceptable good enough.

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When you parkland your GT3 RS successful a batch afloat of different GT3 RS cars, you request to find immoderate mode to basal out. This proprietor recovered the cleanable solution successful a acceptable of multi-piece BBS wheels.

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When we arrived astatine the Brickyard successful the morning, things were already starting to get busy. Owners were parking their cars unneurotic successful an incredibly costly German menagerie.

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Rolling Artwork

Porsche joined up with creator Sean Wotherspoon to make this creation car. With assistance from the automaker, Wotherspoon turned his idiosyncratic Taycan 4S Cross Turismo into a unsocial blend of colors and materials.

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The creation car uses a operation of blue, peach, purple, and greenish to bring its unsocial shapes to life. In lieu of a licence plate, you tin spot Wotherspoon's signature.

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The interior of Wotherspoon's creation car brought the aforesaid blend of colors to the interior of the car. Interior materials see corduroy and a lot of cork.

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In July, Porsche commemorated "national crystal pick day" with the Chicago crystal pick institution Pretty Cool. Each spirit was based connected a antithetic Paint to Sample colour option.

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While astatine the event, we were capable to get our hands connected a fewer of the flavors of crystal cream. Thankfully they didn't sensation similar the antithetic paints they were named after. Each spirit depicted a Porsche connected the packaging (example: Mint Green for the 964 from 1991, overgarment codification 22R) and had a themed gag inside.

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Restoration Challenge: 1993 RS America

Part of the solemnisation included the last circular of the Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge. This erstwhile way car was restored by Porsche Ontario.

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Restoration Challenge: 1974 914 LE

On apical of the antithetic 911s featured successful the event, this 1974 914 LE was a show to behold. Gaudin Porsche restored this one-owner 914, which had not been tally successful astir 20 years.

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Restoration Challenge: 1994 968

Sometimes having a beautifully restored 1994 968 isn't enough. In that case, adhd a period-correct extortion rack and restored upland bike.

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Restoration Challenge: 1996 911 Safari

Perhaps you bask the outdoors, but upland biking isn't your speed. Perhaps this 1996 911 Safari variation could sway you for a interaction of rallying.

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Restoration Challenge: 1989 911 Turbo Slant Nose Targa

We whitethorn person driven a 992-generation Targa for the commute from our Ann Arbor determination to Indianapolis, but the statement was clear. The 964 slant-nose targa present would person made the thrust conscionable that overmuch cooler.

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Restoration Challenge: 1982 911 SC

The G bid was the longest-lasting procreation of the 911, moving from 1973 to 1989.

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Restoration Challenge Finalist: 1982 911 SC

As the Area West champion, this peculiar G bid 911 was 1 of the finalists successful contention for the Restoration Challenge. Interior lighting could not bash justness to the Platinum Metallic paint. The restoration was done by Porsche Palm Springs.

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Restoration Challenge Finalist: 1982 911 SC

Originally cloaked successful bluish leather, the interior of the car was wholly overhauled by the squad astatine Porsche Palm Springs.

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Restoration Challenge Finalist: 1996 911 Carrera 4S

This incredibly vibrant 1996 Carrera 4s was the Area East restoration champion, the enactment of Porsche Exchange. The 993-generation car was finished successful a Paint to Sample Modena Yellow.

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Restoration Challenge Finalist: 1996 911 Carrera 4S

The Carrera featured a precise peculiar interior. Rather than bring the car backmost to its archetypal condition, the squad made the effort to bring a unsocial portion to life. The c connected the dash is simply a reflection of those changes.

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Restoration Challenge Winner: 1989 911 Turbo

A little downpouring of rainfall during the scheduled solemnisation moved the cars wrong for the awards ceremony. Even nether little than perfect lighting conditions, the winning 911 Turbo Type 30, restored by Champion Porsche, looked stunning.

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Restoration Challenge Winner: 1989 911 Turbo

The squad from Champion went the other mile, adding mirrors to amusement disconnected their painstakingly restored engine. Nowadays, each 911 comes with wide hips. In 1989, the wide proportions were designated for show models similar this Turbo.

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Restoration Challenge Winner: 1989 911 Turbo

Outdated arsenic it whitethorn look by modern standards, the Champion 911 Turbo remains a peculiar spot to be. Photographer Michael Simari noted however the odor of caller leather came through. One subordinate from the squad astatine Champion told america that "every azygous bolt connected this car is new. Not a azygous screw was near alone."

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Revving Out of Retirement

As a bonus for motorsport attendees of the event, Porsche Carrera Cup North America held a contention connected the circuit. Legendary racer Jeff Gordon precocious purchased his ain 911 GT3 Cup car and came retired of status to instrumentality portion successful the event.

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#24 Starting 22nd

Gordon was capable to unafraid his iconic fig 24 for the weekend. After investigating retired a GT3 Cup car astatine the Thermal Club successful California, helium said, helium wanted 1 for his idiosyncratic track-car collection. He participated successful the Porsche Carrera Cup here, wherever helium finished 15th.

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Back to the Brickyard

Gordon often raced astatine the Brickyard passim his career. He amassed 5 wins astatine the Brickyard 400, including the inagural contention successful 1994.

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