Pressure Mounts to Drop Activision’s Chief From Coca-Cola’s Board

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Business|Pressure mounts to portion Activision’s main of his spot connected Coca-Cola’s board.

Bobby Kotick, the main  enforcement  of Activision Blizzard, which has been sued by a California bureau  implicit    claims of intersexual  harassment and discrimination.
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Michael J. de la Merced

  • Dec. 9, 2021, 7:53 a.m. ET

Bobby Kotick, the main enforcement of Activision Blizzard, continues to look unit implicit accusations that helium didn’t respond to claims of intersexual misconduct from employees astatine the video crippled company. Now, a union-led concern radical plans to request that Mr. Kotick permission his presumption arsenic an extracurricular manager astatine Coca-Cola, the DealBook newsletter was archetypal to report.

The SOC Investment Group volition inquire Coca-Cola not to renominate Mr. Kotick to its committee adjacent year. The telephone by SOC, which works with national pension funds that it says negociate much than $250 cardinal successful assets (and was antecedently known arsenic the CtW Investment Group), comes weeks aft the radical called for Mr. Kotick to resign arsenic Activision’s chief.

The radical had initially campaigned against what it said was Mr. Kotick’s outsize wage package. It shifted gears aft a California regulator accused Activision of tolerating pervasive intersexual harassment, the Securities and Exchange Commission started an probe and The Wall Street Journal reported that Mr. Kotick had known astir complaints for years, often without acting. (Mr. Kotick denied galore of the accusations successful the report.)

SOC is focusing connected Coca-Cola due to the fact that of its nationalist commitments to diverseness and inclusion. “We don’t deliberation he’s an capable idiosyncratic to service arsenic a director,” Richard Clayton, SOC’s probe director, told DealBook. It is the latest effort to clasp the beverage institution to its stated committedness to societal justice; the National Legal and Policy Center besides cited the company’s willingness to talk retired connected societal issues erstwhile it demanded Mr. Kotick’s resignation from the committee past month.

Mr. Clayton said that though Coca-Cola wasn’t needfully a person successful firm America connected pushing for societal justice, it wasn’t a laggard either. (To springiness it different crushed not to renominate Mr. Kotick, SOC volition besides archer Coca-Cola that helium should alternatively absorption connected fixing Activision’s culture.)

If Coca-Cola doesn’t cull Mr. Kotick, SOC volition reason the re-election of respective directors. “Should the Coke committee renominate Kotick, that would archer america astir a deficiency of commitment” to those societal goals, Mr. Clayton said. He added that SOC hadn’t yet determined which different directors it would reason for re-election. Coca-Cola’s 12-member committee is up for predetermination each year.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola declined to remark connected capitalist calls to region Mr. Kotick from its board.

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