Prince Andrew Sex Lawsuit Trial Likely In Late 2022, Judge Says

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NEW YORK (AP) — A proceedings resulting from an American woman’s claims that Prince Andrew sexually abused her erstwhile she was 17 would astir apt hap precocious adjacent year, a justice said Wednesday.

It is hard to instantly acceptable a proceedings day due to the fact that of courthouse coronavirus protocols that bounds however galore trials tin hap astatine once, but U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan said a proceedings day would apt autumn betwixt September and December 2022.

Last week, lawyers for Andrew asked Kaplan to propulsion retired civilian claims brought by Virginia Giuffre successful an August suit that the prince abused her connected aggregate occasions successful 2001 during a play erstwhile she was abused by financier Jeffrey Epstein.

They said the prince “never sexually abused oregon assaulted” Giuffre, and they attacked the motives of Giuffre, saying she was seeking “another payday” astatine Andrew’s expense.

The Associated Press does not typically place radical who accidental they are victims of intersexual battle unless they take to travel guardant publicly, arsenic Giuffre has.

Wednesday’s conference, conducted electronically, lasted little than 10 minutes and featured lone the justice and 2 lawyers, David Boies for Giuffre and Andrew Brettler for the prince.

Both attorneys said they expected to depose 8 to 12 individuals, though Boies said the nonstop fig depends “a small spot connected who we tin get and the timing of it.”

Boies said the individuals would see “the parties” — meaning Giuffre and Andrew — and a “number of imaginable witnesses.”

“We would beryllium prepared to commencement immoderate of the depositions comparatively promptly, but immoderate we whitethorn not place for arsenic overmuch arsenic 2 months,” the lawyer said.

Brettler said immoderate of the radical helium whitethorn privation to depose are related to a caller suit filed past week successful which a pistillate who said she was sexually abused by Epstein asserted that Giuffre defamed her by saying successful a bid of October 2020 tweets that she was Epstein’s woman and had recruited girls for him to abuse.

Brettler cited the suit and said determination “may beryllium caller witnesses successful a caller substance that whitethorn request to beryllium deposed successful this matter.” He did not elaborate connected however the claims successful that suit would beryllium utilized successful arguments against Giuffre.

Epstein was recovered dormant successful his compartment astatine a national jailhouse successful Manhattan successful August 2019 portion helium awaited proceedings connected enactment trafficking charges. The decease was ruled a suicide.

Epstein’s erstwhile girlfriend, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, goes to proceedings this period connected enactment trafficking charges alleging she recruited teenage girls for Epstein to sexually maltreatment from 1994 to 2004. Potential jurors for that proceedings statesman filling retired questionnaires Thursday.

Opening statements are scheduled for Nov. 29. Maxwell has pleaded not guilty.

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