Prince's estate is finally settled after a 6-year battle

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(CNN)Prince's property is yet settled aft a six-year tribunal battle. The late vocalist did not permission a volition regarding his $156 cardinal estate.

After the vocalist died successful 2016, his six half-siblings were named his ineligible heirs.

Now, according to a transcript of tribunal documents obtained by CNN, the Minnesota First Judicial District has ordered the currency successful Prince's property beryllium divided evenly betwixt Prince Legacy LLC and Prince Oat Holdings LLC.

    Prince Legacy LLC consists of interests antecedently held by 3 of Prince's half-siblings, Sharon Nelson, John Nelson and Norrine Nelson.

      According to tribunal documents, Prince Oat Holdings LLC is owned by euphony publishing institution Primary Wave and consists of interests erstwhile held by Tyka Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson, arsenic good arsenic 3 abstracted entities owned by Primary Wave.

        Also listed successful the documents is the slope that was assigned by the tribunal to administrate the estate's affairs during litigation.

        Comerica Bank & Trust gets $3 cardinal to wage the costs and expenses associated with closing the estate, "including the mentation of taxation returns, nonrecreational fees, expenses and immoderate awards entered successful pending litigation involving the Estate." Whatever is near implicit gets divided betwixt Prince Oat Holdings LLC and Prince Legacy LLC.

          CNN's Cheri Mossburg contributed to this report.

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