Private Cessna aircraft crashes off coast of Latvia after NATO jets scrambled

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CNN  — 

A backstage pitchy crashed into the Baltic Sea disconnected the seashore of Latvia connected Sunday, hours aft NATO jets were scrambled to travel the plane.

The Austrian-registered Cessna Citation 551 departed Jerez, Spain astatine 12:56 UTC (8:56am ET) and its intended destination was Cologne, Germany, according to Flightradar24, a website which monitors planetary aerial traffic.

But it came down successful waters adjacent the metropolis of Ventspils successful Latvia, according to Latvia’s defence curate and lawman premier curate Artis Pabriks, who said the Latvian subject was deployed successful a hunt and rescue operation.

The craft was certified for single-pilot operations, according to German paper Bild, which reported that the level had 4 radical connected board, including the pilot, a man, a woman, and a idiosyncratic Bild described arsenic a daughter, without providing further details.

“Jets from NATO allies and partners were scrambled to travel the backstage Cessna level which crashed connected Sunday evening disconnected the Latvian coast. They included German planes from Neuburg and Laage successful Germany, and German and Spanish planes, portion of NATO Baltic Air Policing, from Ämari, Estonia. France, Denmark and Sweden besides scrambled jets nether nationalist command, a NATO authoritative told CNN.

“The pilots were incapable to interaction the level and could not spot anyone successful the cockpit,” the authoritative added.

Flightradar24 said “the aviator didn’t reply ATC calls and the craft continued to alert connected autopilot successful a consecutive enactment earlier it mislaid altitude and crashed.”

The “final altitude received was 2100 ft astatine -8000fpm descent,” earlier the transponder awesome from the craft stopped being received by tracking site.

French aviation police, which besides intercepted and escorted the jet, were alerted by Spanish authorities “of probable difficulties of pressurization of the aircraft,” the French equipped forces ministry said successful a statement.

Attempts by French authorities to interaction the pitchy were unsuccessful but the unresponsive craft “was continuously escorted during its transit towards Germany,” the ministry added.

Latvia said it had sent ships to the scene.

Lars Antonsson of Sweden’s Maritime and Air Rescue Centre told CNN affiliate Expressen that a Swedish chopper arsenic good arsenic an airplane took portion successful the rescue cognition successful Latvian waters aft the level flew implicit the Swedish land of Gotland.

Antonsson said hunt teams had located parts of the plane, but “no survivors person been found.”

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