Professor Who Wished Queen 'Excruciating' Death Is Rebuked By University

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Carnegie Mellon prof Uju Anya wished Queen Elizabeth II “excruciating pain” earlier the royal’s decease Thursday, generating backlash from the Pittsburgh assemblage and Amazon laminitis Jeff Bezos.

When the palace announced the queen’s information had worsened, Anya tweeted: “I heard the main monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is yet dying. May her symptom beryllium excruciating.” Twitter deleted the station for violating its standards.

Carnegie Mellon, wherever Anya is an subordinate prof of modern languages, criticized her for “offensive and objectionable messages” and accused her of violating “standards of sermon we question to foster.”

Anya, from Nigeria, which was nether British regularisation until 1960, explained earlier that she would not backmost down from her remarks. She accused the queen of overseeing a authorities “that massacred and displaced fractional my family.”

If anyone expects maine to explicit thing but disdain for the monarch who supervised a authorities that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced fractional my household and the consequences of which those live contiguous are inactive trying to overcome, you tin support wishing upon a star.

— Uju Anya (@UjuAnya) September 8, 2022

Anya’s tweets besides provoked a effect from Amazon laminitis Jeff Bezos.

“This is idiosyncratic supposedly moving to marque the satellite better? I don’t deliberation so. Wow,” helium wrote.

In defence of the professor, The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression issued a missive questioning Twitter’s committedness to escaped speech.

“Twitter deleted Anya’s archetypal tweet citing a rules violation,” it wrote, per Yahoo. “But the regularisation enforced against her is beauteous terrible. It says astir tweets that privation others harm are not allowed, but immoderate are OK, and Twitter gets to decide. Many radical are complaining Twitter enforces its rules arbitrarily. We deliberation so, too. In an property erstwhile truthful galore crook to Twitter arsenic the spot to publically explicit their opinions, we deliberation Twitter should instrumentality arsenic airy a interaction with censorship arsenic possible, ideally looking to First Amendment standards for guidance. This is simply a large illustration of code the First Amendment unquestionably protects, but Twitter has chosen to censor.”

HuffPost has reached retired to Anya for comment.

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