Protesters March Against ‘Greenwashing' at COP26

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Europe|Protesters march implicit ‘greenwashing.’

Activists protesting “greenwashing” adjacent   the COP26 clime  acme  successful  Glasgow connected  Wednesday.
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Jenny Gross

  • Nov. 3, 2021, 9:48 a.m. ET

As delegates wrong the COP26 league hallway successful Glasgow heard promises of new private-sector funding for clime change, protesters marched successful the metropolis connected Wednesday successful absorption to “greenwashing” — erstwhile companies assertion to beryllium protecting the situation portion continuing to harm it.

More than 100 protesters, holding signs that work “Act now!” and “Stop Funding Fossil Fuels,” gathered extracurricular a buying promenade to request that companies instrumentality much important steps.

“For us, there’s precise small hope,” said Akke Houtsoma, 20, an administrative idiosyncratic who had traveled from the Netherlands to be protests extracurricular the clime conference. “I consciousness the astir anxiousness not astir my future, but for the radical close present who are suffering.”

A absorption of the clime league connected Wednesday has been connected however to wage for a planetary displacement to cleaner vigor sources. Even arsenic a radical of the world’s biggest investors, banks and insurers vowed to commit their much than $130 trillion successful assets to pursuing clime goals, protesters were doubtful that the promises would beryllium fulfilled.

“The promises coming retired are rather good, but they are inactive conscionable promises,” said Marilyn Spurr, 74, a retired precocious schoolhouse teacher from Devon, England, who is simply a subordinate of Extinction Rebellion, a British-based activistic group. “If they measurement up to the mark, bully for them, but truthful acold we haven’t seen a batch of it.”

Activists said determination needed to beryllium stronger ways to clasp companies to relationship for their promises, galore of which ne'er materialize. Of astatine slightest $1.1 trillion that backstage equity firms person invested successful the vigor assemblage since 2010, astir went toward fossil fuels, according to information from Pitchbook, a institution that tracks investment, and an investigation by the Private Equity Stakeholder Project, a nonprofit that pushes for much disclosure astir backstage equity deals.

Protests planned for Friday and Saturday successful Glasgow are expected to gully tens of thousands. A youth-led onslaught organized by Fridays for Future, the planetary question that has grown retired of Greta Thunberg’s solo onslaught successful 2018 successful Sweden, volition spot thousands march from Kelvingrove Park to George’s Square.

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