Pulitzer Prize judges looked beyond national newsrooms for journalism's top prizes

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New York (CNN Business)The judges of the Pulitzer Prizes looked good beyond America's nationalist newsrooms arsenic they recognized immoderate of the champion journalism of 2021.

Pulitzer winners connected Monday included the unit of the Miami Herald for breaking quality sum of the Surfside condo collapse; a squad astatine the Tampa Bay Times for investigating dangers astatine a local artillery factory; a columnist astatine the Kansas City Star for pursuing allegations against a retired constabulary detective; and an sentiment squad astatine the Houston Chronicle for separating elector fraud information from fiction.

That editorial committee series, "The Big Lie," was 1 of respective winning submissions reflecting the aftermath of the 2020 election.

    The unit of the Washington Post won the Pulitzer for nationalist work for its reconstruction of the January 6 attack. A radical of Getty Images photographers won a breaking quality photography prize for images from that day.

      The judges besides awarded the breaking quality photography prize to Marcus Yam of the Los Angeles Times, who documented the autumn of Kabul, Afghanistan, past summer.

      Los Angeles Times overseas   analogous  and unit   lensman  Marcus Yam learns helium  won the 2022 Pulitzer Prize for breaking quality    astatine  the Hotel June Monday, May 9, 2022 successful  Los Angeles.

      The New York Times, which often wins aggregate Pulitzers each year, won successful the nationalist reporting and planetary reporting categories, and Salamishah Tillet, contributing professional astatine ample for The Times, won the disapproval prize.

      The judges continued a multi-year effort to incorporated caller types of quality outlets and storytelling. A squad from Insider won the illustrated reporting Pulitzer for a comic titled "How I escaped a Chinese internment camp."

        "This is simply a historical triumph for our newsroom and company," Insider planetary exertion successful main Nicholas Carlson said successful a memo to staffers, noting that conscionable a fewer different digital-only outlets (like BuzzFeed News, ProPublica, and the Huffington Post) person won a Pulitzer.

        Futuro Media and PRX won the audio reporting Pulitzer for "Suave," a podcast that the judges called "a brutally honorable and immersive illustration of a antheral reentering nine aft serving much than 30 years successful prison."

        Madison Hopkins of the Better Government Association and Cecilia Reyes of the Chicago Tribune won the section reporting prize for a collaboration called "The Failures Before the Fires," looking astatine Chicago's past of failed gathering and occurrence information codification enforcement.

        Cecilia Reyes, of the Chicago Tribune, reacts arsenic  she and Madison Hopkins of the Better Government Association, not pictured, triumph   the Pulitzer Prize successful  Local Reporting astatine  the Chicago Tribune's Freedom Center successful  Chicago, Monday, May 9, 2022.

        Quanta Magazine, an online work covering physics, math, biology and machine science, won the explanatory Pulitzer for, the judges said, "coverage that revealed the complexities of gathering the James Webb Space Telescope."

        In galore cases these publications bushed retired higher-profile finalists successful their categories.

        Natalie Wolchover, who was recognized by sanction on with Quanta, told CNN Business that "it's a tremendous grant that physics journalists moving astatine tiny publications don't expect to receive."

        "I'm conscionable thrilled that, successful an epoch wherever determination is overmuch sorrowful quality to explicate and comprehend, that a communicative astir the champion aspects of humanity — our curiosity astir the universe, our ingenuity, collaboration and courageousness — has been recognized," she said.

        Marjorie Miller, the caller head of the Pulitzer Prizes, said connected a Monday day livestream presumption that "I'm honored to beryllium the caller steward of the Pulitzer Prizes, peculiarly successful this clip erstwhile information and facts and books are nether expanding assault."

          "Despite these challenges, oregon possibly due to the fact that of them, we received thousands of entries this year," Miller said.

          At the extremity of the presentation, she announced a peculiar citation to the journalists of Ukraine "for their courage, endurance and committedness to truthful reporting during Vladimir Putin's ruthless penetration of their state and his propaganda warfare successful Russia."

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